Xaar’s EPS shows Direct to Substrate printers

16 September 2019

Xaar company EPS – manufacturer of highly customized and automated digital inkjet and pad printers, will be showing a complete range of printers in booth #C5406 during Pack Expo International, September 23 – 25, in Las Vegas, NV and Printing United (formerly SGIA Expo) booth #2612, October 23 – 25, in Dallas, TX.

“There is continued interest in direct to substrate printing, whether on industrial, promotional, or packaging items,” explains Peter Baldwin, Director of Marketing, EPS. “What differentiates EPS is our focus on implementing our wide range of digital inkjet printers into existing production lines. Beyond our range of fully-automated industrial inkjet printers and pad print machines, our customers choose EPS because we can completely design, build and integrate customized printers to fit perfectly within their production lines. In addition, our many years of industrial printing experience enable us to advise customers on ink chemistry and substrates. We’re truly a one-stop resource for our customers.”

State of the art cylindrical printing
Cylindrical printing is the latest development in direct-to-object printing. By printing directly onto the object without the need for a wrap or adhesive label, companies can save time and money by eliminating the extra step of applying the label onto the object. The fact that the art files are stored digitally means that “mass-customization” is possible. Besides flexibility, the other significant advantage is increased machine efficiency, as changeovers and other make-ready activities are largely eliminated. At both shows, EPS will be showing two cylindrical digital printers.

The MD9450 Cylindrical Inkjet Printer is the first machine represented by EPS as a result of an exclusive North American distribution relationship with Machines Dubuit. The MD9450 is ideal for printing photo-quality logos on bottles, cans, cups, lipstick tubes—anything cylindrical, whether taper-walled, or flat-walled cylindrical objects like water bottles. It offers exceptional throughput speed at a competitive price. Using corona pre-treatment with UV-LED cured inks, the MD9450 can print up to 800 parts per hour in CMYK+W, at a visual resolution of 720 x 720 dpi.

The new BottleJET 2.0 Cylindrical Inkjet Printer, is a multi-color, UV-LED, high-resolution 1200x900dpi industrial inkjet printer designed specifically for decorating flat-walled or tapered cylindrical bottles and cups at various diameters from 1.57 to 5.51 inches and lengths up to 8.66 inches. It offers exceptional print quality at an attractive price point. The BottleJET 2.0 has synchronized printing and curing operations, and bottle-detection and collision sensors and can also be loaded with a jetted varnish or primer for better adhesion to glass and metal.

Industrial productivity with a flatbed inkjet
Flatbed printers can be productive and cost-effective, because many parts can be printed simultaneously on a large table—with the same or different images and variable data printing for batch coding or mass customization. The FJet24 Gen2 is a high-resolution (up to 1200 dpi.), high-speed flatbed industrial inkjet printer with a maximum print area of 24″ x 20”. It supports single- or bi-directional CMYK + high opacity WW printing with an optional clear coat. It is excellent for industrial products, medical devices, electronics, appliances, and special promotional items.

The KP05 Pad Printing Machine is the most compact, versatile and easy to use pad printer EPS offers. The standard KP05 is ideal for volume production of a wide range of small parts as well as tagless labelling on textiles. With the KP05 fixed cup design, the cliché (print mold) moves forward and returns back prior to the cycle start. The pad is in the back position, allowing the operator excellent access for loading and unloading parts. Pneumatic operation guarantees excellent uniformity in printing. A simple to use electronic touch screen controls the machine movements as well as print settings.

For more information about how EPS can help companies change the way they print, or to schedule an appointment, visit www.epsvt.com, or email info@epsvt.com.