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Inks & Fluids

Providing total ink & fluid support

The choice of fluid is probably the most critical decision in any new industrial inkjet application. It is essential to select a fluid that is well-suited to the application and that matches the required end user and legislative properties on the full range of substrates to be printed.

Depending on whether you are an experienced OEM or first-time inkjet developer, we understand the importance of getting new products to market efficiently is crucial to maximising your return on investment and minimising your time to market. 

Our dedicated Fluid Division will work collaboratively with you to identify, select and supply the correct fluid for your application and jetting requirements and undertake a full diagnostics of a fluid's properties providing you with total support from development to full production. 

Why Xaar?

Customised all-in-one package of fluid, printhead and waveform specific to your own application.

We work with leading fluid and ink manufacturers to fully optimise the fluid in the printhead and also throughout the machine development programme, end user integration and beyond. 

We can help select and sell fluids to specific customers, manufactured by our fluid partners under the Xaar brand.

How we can help

  • Shorten your time to market
  • Help and support via a single point of contact for fluids and printheads
  • Reduce the risks associated with development projects
  • Access extended warranties

All Xaar approved inks go through an integrated fluid optimisation process, offering the following:

XaarDOT: A bespoke analytical technique which determines the complex rheological characteristics of a fluid. Potential reasons for poor performance are identified and reformulation guidance provided, delivering improved print performance and printer operation.

Materials compatibility and lifetime testing: Materials ​compatibility testing evaluates the effect of the fluid on the printhead construction materials and of the printhead materials on the fluid. Lifetime testing establishes the robustness of the fluid with the printhead/waveform combinations. The combination of these tests validates the long-term compatibility of the fluid with the printhead.

Waveform optimisation:
 A waveform and temperature compensation algorithm is developed where required for the fluid/printhead combination, ensuring greater drop placement accuracy, optimised operating ​voltage, print reliability and increased throughput.

Reliability testing: Simulates the performance of a fluid and printhead using the optimised waveform/temperature compensation algorithm. This technique verifies the consistency and reliability of the fluid over a period of one year of heavy usage.

Warranty: ​Xaar-approved inks are warranted against long term damage to the printhead. This provides the reassurance that the fluid has been validated, approved and optimised to give unrivalled print performance and trouble free operation. The warranty differentiates XaarDOT optimised fluids from other non-warranted fluids.

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