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Pushing the boundaries of inkjet technology with high viscosity printing

by Nick Jackson and Mike Seal

Categories: Ultra High Viscosity Technology
23 Nov 21

Traditionally, inkjet has only been considered when using low viscosity fluids – but this is now changing. The capability to handle a much wider range of fluids at viscosities of around 100 centipoises (cP) at jetting temperature, equating to approximately 1000cP at ambient temperature (cP), is increasing the relevance and practicability of inkjet technology across a variety of new printing, coating, advanced (functional fluids) and additive manufacturing applications.

This white paper looks at the historical background to the limitation of inkjet technology’s use and highlights how the latest printhead innovations, such as Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity Technology, are changing the landscape of jettable fluids.

"It is rapidly becoming the manufacturing technology for additive manufacturing and 3D printing, as well as for personalisation, coating and other innovative print and manufacturing processes."


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