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Start developing in inkjet the easy way

A flexible kit for you to test, analyse and develop with inkjet

Containing the inkjet components necessary to build a fully functional prototype system, this kit compromises of your selected choice of Xaar printheads, a mechanical mounting kit, drive electronics, ink supply system, print server and Xaar test fluid.

With this kit, developers can create an inkjet solution ready to evaluate inkjet without needing to redesign critical components yourself which can be complex, involving the interaction of many physical, chemical, mechanical, electrical and software parameters.

This kit is ideal if you’re looking to develop a new manufacturing process, populate a prototype machine, test jetting fluids, develop image quality models and much more. It can be used with a range of analysis tools such as a dropwatcher and plotter to evaluate various factors such as resolution, fluid viscosity and ink recirculation.

The IDS kit

The Xaar Inkjet Development System will help you answer the following questions:


  • What is the jetting behaviour of my fluid?
  • What resolution does my application need?
  • How easily does a Xaar printhead integrate with my current equipment?
  • What image quality can I achieve with a Xaar printhead?
  • I want to test and develop for my own datapath, is it possible with the Inkjet Development System?
  • How does my fluid interact with my substrate?

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