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Xaar 2002

Key Benefits

  • Out of the box exceptional print quality
    Designed to deliver exceptional 720dpi print resolution quality and performance across a range of applications, the new Xaar 2002 also delivers visibly improved colour uniformity across the width of the printhead.
  • Peace of mind with continuous, reliable printing
    Multiple technologies unique to Xaar ensure continuous and reliable printing in single-pass operation, maximising production output, minimising production interruptions and reducing the need for operator intervention
  • Plug and print for quicker set-up and installation
    Using drop in printhead alignment, mechanical tolerance improvements allow the printheads to be dropped into the printbar more easily. Therefore set-up time is quicker, printhead replacement is faster and printer uptime is maximised.

Xaar 2002 highlights

  • Industry leading TF Technology ink recirculation
  • Excellent nozzle open time
  • Firing frequencies up to 36kHz (75m/min @ 720dpi)
  • Exceptional print quality - 720npi resolution
  • Out of the box uniform colour tone
  • Drop sizes from 6 to 400pL with XaarDOT
  • Ultra High Laydown printing capabilities – up to 240g/m2 *
  • Simple installation
  • Reliable and robust ink compatibility
  • Serviceable.

The Xaar 2002 is fully backwards compatible with printers already using the Xaar 2001+.

Benefits of digital printing

  • Cost effective production with no limit on the run length
  • Short print runs for limited editions or localised promotions
  • No minimum order quantity
  • No need to produce unwanted labels or overs due to minimum batch size
  • Rapid order turnaround once the design is agreed
  • Simple workflow with quick and easy job setup and changeover
  • Avoids the complexities, cost and waste associated with flexo printing.


  • Glass
  • Panelled doors or furniture
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Wallpaper
  • Wood laminates


  • Containers, bottles and cans
  • Flexible packaging
  • Folding cartons
  • Labels

Physical Attributes Xaar 2002 Plus Xaar 2002 Premium Xaar 2002 Advanced
Fluid base Oil Solvent, Oil Solvent, UV, Oil
Subdrop volume* (pL) 6 12 40 6 12 40 6 12 40  
Maximum firing frequency (up to) (kHz)  36 36 24 36 36 24 36 36 24  
Nozzle density (nozzles per inch) 720 720 720
Print swathe width (mm) 70.52 70.52 70.52
Dimensions (mm) 132 x 50 x 105 132 x 50 x 105 132 x 50 x 105

* Dependent on ink used and system integration

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