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Xaar 1003 AMx

Key benefits

  • Extreme versatility: the design of the Xaar 1003 AMx enables the use of a wide range of functional and reactive fluids with many configuration options. This is complemented by Xaar’s systems components which are optimised for the Xaar 1003 product family and ensure simple and rapid integration.
  • Precise fluid control: the Xaar 1003 AMx is designed for applications where tight control of fluid deposition is required. It can repeatedly jet fluid volumes tuned to a 6pL drop with an extremely high degree of accuracy.
  • Unrivalled reliability: the Xaar 1003 AMx printhead is designed to deliver maximum production uptime with minimum operator intervention which ensures high production output and a fast return on investment.

Highly accurate fluid deposition for manufacturing

Xaar’s Advanced Manufacturing printheads are designed to allow our partners to develop customised manufacturing solutions based on a proven high performance industrial inkjet platform. The Xaar 1003 AMx is the first introduction to this range of market-leading piezoelectric drop-on-demand printheads for Advanced Manufacturing applications and includes specialised coatings to prevent fluid ingress or attack on printhead components. These layers or protection enable the accurate, reproducible jetting of functional or reactive fluids without impacting head life.

The Xaar 1003 AMx is perfect for very small drop fluid deposition on an industrial scale and is capable of consistently jetting droplets as small as 6pL for the production of fine features, patterns and coatings. 

The combination of highly accurate, very small drops and unrivalled reliability enables the industrialisation of advanced manufacturing processes in sectors such as display, PCB, semiconductors and photovoltaics.

Many applications require tight regulation of coating thicknesses, precise patterns and management of substrate surface characteristics. The Xaar 1003 AMx combines highly accurate drop placement, consistent drop volume and high frequency jetting with variable drop size capability to deliver the precise fluid control essential for these processes.

  • 3D printing
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Biomedical
  • Flat panel display
  • PCB
  • Photovoltaics
  • Printed electronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Smart glass

Physical attributes Xaar 1003 AMx  
Active nozzles 1000  
Print swathe width (mm) 70.5  
Number of rows 2  
Nozzle pitch (interleaved) (µm) 23.5  
Drop velocity* (m/s) 7  
Nozzle density (nozzles per inch) 360  
Print addressability (x,y) (dpi) 360 x 720  
Printhead weight (dry) (g) 144  
Fluid base Solvent, UV, Oil  
Subdrop volume* 6 to 42  
Number of grey levels* Up to 6  
Typical firing frequency* (kHz) 6  
Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) 125 x 30 x 60  

* Dependent on ink used and system integration

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