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Xaar Ink System Test Kit (X-IST)

Key benefits

Achieve more reliable printing and quicker setup times with the Xaar Ink System Test kit (X-IST) by having the ability to measure real-time readings and graphical time-history of temperature and pressure in the printhead and ink supply systems. The kit can also be used to help diagnose problems with existing ink supply systems. 

Xaar’s Ink System Test kit 

The new Xaar Ink System Test (X-IST) kit is a useful tool for the correct setup of ink supply systems in the field by allowing you to measure and observe the pressure and temperature of the ink in the printhead and ink supply system. It can also help to diagnose problems with ink supply systems in application.

These fluid properties are used to derive the meniscus pressure, differential pressure (or flow rate) and jetting viscosity, which are the most important parameters for proper operation of Xaar printheads, helping you to get setup and diagnose problems quicker. 

The X-IST kit works in conjunction with the standard Hydra software to provide real-time readings and graphical time-history of these parameters. Further information on these parameters can be found in the user manuals for the Xaar Hydra Ink Supply System and Xaar printheads.

  • Real-time measurement of ink supply and return pressures with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mbar
    • Used to derive the Meniscus Pressure and Differential Pressure in recirculating ink supply systems
    • Graphical display of all measured and derived pressures
  • Real-time measurement of ink supply and return temperatures with an accuracy of +/- 0.3 °C
    • Graphical display of all measured temperatures
  • Power supplied by a 24 VDC (40W) mains adaptor
  • Full CE approval

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