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Benefits of digital inkjet

  • Faster and cheaper set-up: with digital inkjet printing there is no costly screen production, making it economical to print short runs – including one-off individual items. This makes more frequent advertising changes economically viable.
  • Customised graphics: the lower cost of very short print runs makes the production of customised graphics much more viable and enables end users to react more rapidly to trends and design changes.
  • Scaleable technology​: up to six-colour screen printing requires six separate print stations. This is not necessary with digital inkjet systems, where additional colours can be enabled by adding extra printheads with potentially no change in the machine footprint

Digital inkjet graphics printing

The graphics sector covers the digital printing of advertising materials – including the production of indoor and outdoor signage, exhibition panels, posters, billboards, fleet and building wraps. Xaar has a proven track record of providing inkjet technology to this sector and brings industrial design and robustness whilst maintaining outstanding print quality and productivity.

The graphics sector was one of the first to be revolutionised by first generation inkjet printheads, replacing traditional printing techniques such as screen printing.

The sector has evolved as the end-user expectations on flexibility, print quality and productivity have increased.

Wide-format graphics printers typically operate in scanning mode to ensure excellent image production on materials such as vinyl, textile, paper, foam board or rigid laminate. A carriage with multiple printheads makes numerous side-to-side passes over the substrate, whether on roll-to-roll machines or flatbed units.

  • Graphics on canvas, vinyl, paper, foam board, rigid laminate and textiles
  • Outdoor and indoor signage
  • Point-of-sale displays

Why Xaar Technology?

Industrial reliability

Xaar’s graphics printheads are designed to deliver maximum production uptime with minimum operator intervention which ensures high production output and a fast return on investment.

Outstanding print quality 

The Xaar 501 and 502 family of printheads and the revolutionary PrecisionPlus architecture deliver smooth graduations and excellent edge definition for printing text, bar codes and graphics.

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