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Ultra High Viscosity Technology

Jet fluids around 100 centipoises (cP) at jetting temperature

Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity Technology allows us to jet fluids around 100 centipoises (cP) at jetting temperature, equating to approximately 1000cP at ambient temperature – going well beyond average jetting capabilities of 10-12cP, creating a number of benefits to ensure Xaar's printheads delivers high impact, productive and efficient results.



Ultra High Viscosity jetting opens up a range of new inkjet possibilities:

By enabling an extended colour gamut and fluids with larger particles and more pigment, colours are more vibrant and whites and blacks stronger.

Energy consumption is also reduced because UV fluids, which previously required heating to 45 degrees before jetting, can now be laid down at room temperature. Less fluid is required as well, making the process even more sustainable.

In addition, high-build varnish embellishments can be achieved more easily, to add texture, visual impact, and functionality (such as ink that resists cracking on flexible surfaces). From braille and tactile warning triangles on labels, to the latest haptic effects for a high-end look and real shelf presence for rigid and flexible packaging, with Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity technology results can be achieved that have traditionally only been possible by using screen printing.

Benefits of Ultra High Viscosity Technology:

  • Higher particle loading and particle sizes for increased colour gamut, opacity and special effects (for graphics, ceramic tile and glass printing)
  • Ability to print higher molecular weight photopolymers leading to increased toughness and flexibility for printed materials (useful in Advanced Manufacturing and 3D printing)
  • Reduced spreading for better edge definition on non-porous substrates (useful for example in glass printing applications)
  • Printing a wider range of functional fluids (such as paint, adhesives and solder masks).

Ultra High Viscosity technology is available across many of Xaar’s printheads including the Xaar Nitrox, the Xaar 50x series, and Xaar 2002.


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