Xaar 2002

Key Benefits

  • Out of the box exceptional print quality
    Designed to deliver exceptional 720 dpi print resolution quality and performance across a range of applications, the new Xaar 2002 also delivers visibly improved colour uniformity across the width of the printhead.
  • Peace of mind with continuous, reliable printing
    Multiple technologies unique to Xaar ensure continuous and reliable printing in single-pass operation, maximising production output, minimising production interruptions and reducing the need for operator intervention
  • Plug and print for quicker set-up and installation
    Using drop in printhead alignment, mechanical tolerance improvements allow the printheads to be dropped into the printbar more easily. Therefore set- up time is quicker, printhead replacement is faster and printer uptime is maximised.
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Xaar 2002 highlights

  • Industry leading TF Technology ink recirculation
  • Excellent nozzle open time
  • Firing frequencies up to 36 kHz (75m/min @ 720dpi)
  • Exceptional print quality - 720npi resolution
  • Out of the box uniform colour tone
  • Drop sizes from 6 to 400pL with XaarDOT
  • Ultra High Laydown printing capabilities – up to 240g/m2 *
  • Simple installation
  • Reliable and robust ink compatibility
  • Serviceable.

The Xaar 2002 is fully backwards compatible with printers already using the Xaar 2001+.

Benefits of digital printing

  • Cost effective production with no limit on the run length
  • Short print runs for limited editions or localised promotions
  • No minimum order quantity
  • No need to produce unwanted labels or overs due to minimum batch size
  • Rapid order turnaround once the design is agreed
  • Simple workflow with quick and easy job setup and changeover
  • Avoids the complexities, cost and waste associated with flexo printing.
  • Glass
  • Panelled doors or furniture
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Wallpaper
  • Wood laminates
  • Containers, bottles and cans
  • Flexible packaging
  • Folding cartons
  • Labels

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