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Benefits of digital inkjet

  • Mass customisation​: digital printing allows cost-effective production fro​m a single item to high volumes. As a result, brands have the freedom to localise, personalise and customise their products to drive highly-effective promotional campaigns. The process allows brands to conduct new product trials cost effectively and to tailor production to meet consumer demand for greater choice.​​
  • Efficient production​: production efficiencies include minimal job set-up time and late stage differentiation which enables faster turnaround and shorter lead times. On-​the-fly changeover between different products with no minimum order requirement means production lines can handle any range of run lengths, providing ultimate production flexibility.
  • Wide range of applications: digital inkjet printing enables the use of different ink types, including solvent-based, water-based, oil-based and UV curable inks. This ensures performance properties are matched to the broadest range of substrates and end uses, minimising the need for primers or protective varnishes.

Digital inkjet for packaging printing

From product protection, storage, handling and transportation to promotion and brand perception, the role of packaging is extremely diverse. Packaging printers and converters use a wide range of substrates such as PET, wood, paper, metal, foil, glass, and textiles to create everything from folding cartons, labels, sleeves and flexible packaging to drums, bottles, cans and other rigid containers.

Most modern packaging is printed using conventional analogue methods, but digital inkjet has the potential to revolutionise this part of the manufacturing process. Xaar printheads for the packaging industry facilitate cost-effective print runs and rapid production turnaround in what is a fast moving industry. One packaging sub-sector which has started to adopt Xaar technology is the direct-to-shape printing of cans, bottles, cylindrical shapes and other curved surfaces, other sub-sectors are labelling and coding & marking.

  • Containers, bottles and cans
  • Corrugated and folding cartons
  • Flexible packaging
  • Labels

Industrial reliability

Xaar's printheads are designed to deliver maximum production uptime with minimum operator intervention which ensures high production output and a fast return on investment.

Maximum productivity

Xaar printheads achieve reliable and optimised digital print performance to maximise production uptime and throughput.

Outstanding print quality

The design of Xaar's printheads enables the use of a wide range of fluids and configuration options. This is complemented by Xaar’s systems components which are optimised for Xaar printheads and ensure simple and rapid integration.

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