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Coding & Marking

Benefits of digital inkjet

  • Variable data: digital printing offers a high degree of flexibility enabling changes to printed data in-line, reducing production down time. Data such as serialised barcodes and real-time date stamps can be varied per batch or even for single items. Combining variable and fixed data in one print process delivers production efficiencies, and enables traceability, localisation or personalisation of the product or packaging.
  • Reduced inventory: there is no need to hold extensive stocks as items can be printed on-demand in the quantities required.
  • Non-contact printing: the non-contact nature of digital inkjet techniques means no damage to packaging when printing, reduced possibility of damage to the printhead and higher throw distances enabling more production flexibility.

Digital secondary packaging printing using inkjet and mineral-oil free inks 

Xaar provides the premium offering in digital inkjet to the coding and marking sector with its printheads offering superior print quality and its wide range of approved inks and fluids. This enables companies to achieve faster line speeds, increase throw distance and print more accurately onto porous and semi-porous surfaces – offering a low cost of ownership alternative to thermal inkjet. For example, the Xaar 502 GS15O printhead has the ability to print up to 6 grey levels with 15 pL as the smallest drop size to achieve high-contrast printing onto brown cardboard.

Due to concerns regarding the contamination of food from inks used on secondary food packaging and the use of recycled paperboard, the packaging industry is striving to avoid the use of materials containing mineral-oil hydrocarbons. Xaar's black MOF (mineral-oil free) ink is approved and optimised for use with the Xaar 128, Xaar 501 and Xaar 502 printheads families. The main benefit of MOF ink is its safer formulation which reduces the concern around toxicity and handling. MOF ink also has the ability to break down easily during recycling, which is of particular interest to environmentally conscious brand owners and retailers.

  • 2D data matrix coding
  • Brand graphics and logos
  • Expiry date, traceability and batch codes
  • Primary and secondary packaging, outer case bar-coding
  • QR codes

Why Xaar Technology?

Industrial reliability

The Xaar printheads are designed to deliver industrial reliability and robustness resulting in increased production up-time even in harsh environments.

Highest productivity

Xaar printheads achieve reliable and optimised digital print performance to maximise production uptime and throughput.

Outstanding print quality

The Xaar 501 and 502 family of printheads and the revolutionary PrecisionPlus architecture deliver smooth graduations and excellent edge definition for printing text, bar codes and graphics.

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