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Engineered Printing Solutions
201 Tennis Way
East Dorset
United States of America
Xaar Americas Inc
1000 Post and Paddock
Suite 405
Grand Prairie
United States of America
Xaar Manufacturing Facility
1 Hurricane Close
Ermine Business Park
PE29 6XX
United Kingdom
Xaar plc Headquarters
3950 Cambridge Research Park
CB25 9PE
United Kingdom
XaarJet Limited filial
Scheeles väg 1
SE- 171 65
Xaar Inkjet Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Room 409, Floor 4, Building 13
Yiku Industrial Zone, Fuzhou Avenue
Bao'an District, Shenzhen

Xaar plc, which includes its group companies FFEI, EPS and Megnajet, is deeply concerned for the health and safety of all people, and we are committed to supporting humanitarian relief efforts.

We will not seek to do business with any Russian (or its allies) organisations to supply us with materials for our products, manufacturing processes or services. We will also not directly sell our products to Russian companies.

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Due to agreements with OEMs, we unfortunately do not supply end-users or agents with printheads, inks or technical support so please contact your OEM directly.


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