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Why Xaar for glass printing?

There are several benefits of using digital inkjet printing in both the architectural glass and the automotive glass markets.

By enabling digital processes which replicate screen printing methods, while eliminating the storage costs associated with screen printing, Xaar inkjet printheads allow glass processors to economically print one-off designs and small batches, as well as customised runs for highly creative glass panels which stand out from the competition. 

For automotive glass suppliers seeking to enhance glass substrates with logos or variable data, our printheads are compatible with inks that offer the necessary optical density, chemical durability and abrasion resistance.

The ability to print complex fluids to provide increased functionality such as conductive, anti-slip and energy efficiency properties for architectural structures, partitions or splashbacks extends the value which glass processors can add to product ranges.

Xaar’s printhead portfolio for glass printing benefits from an unrivalled combination of technologies, which deliver industrial reliability, outstanding print quality and maximum uptime.

  • TF Technology ink recirculation continually moves ink past the back of each nozzle at a high flow rate, removing unwanted air bubbles and minimising sedimentation, particularly important when using heavily pigmented, glass frit-based inks and high viscosity fluids.
  • XaarGuard minimises ink build-up on the nozzle plate, ensuring the longest maintenance-free production runs – typically once per shift or less.
  • Tuned Actuator Manufacturing enables uniform print quality across all printheads in a print bar, making the replacing and balancing of printheads within a bar easier and quicker.

Already proven with challenging fluids in the harsh environment of ceramic tile printing, the Xaar 1003 and Xaar 2002 printhead families are the most versatile for glass decoration.

  • Xaar actively partners with a wide range of ink manufacturers to support the development of high quality ink solutions for its printheads.
  • In addition to the portfolio of approved inks, Xaar also works closely with customers and ink manufacturers to formulate bespoke ink and specialist fluid solutions to meet specific application requirements
  • With this broad ink compatibility, ranging from digital ceramic inks to fluids with functional properties and other specialised inks, Xaar technology enables you to produce creative designs and enhance product performance.

With six variants, 360 dpi or 720 dpi options and the unique High Laydown Technology, the Xaar range of printheads can meet all your requirements for glass decoration and effects.

  • With 720 dpi resolution, the Xaar 2002 printhead sets a new print quality standard in digital glass decoration, delivering fine details, strong colours and vibrant designs with maximum impact
  • A wide drop size range combined with up to 8 greyscale levels provides smooth tones and high effective print resolution
  • Xaar’s High Laydown Technology enables the deposition of large quantities of fluid, even in a single pass, increasing the speed at which the ink can be applied to the substrate
  • At 25 m/min, the Xaar 2002 in High Laydown mode can deliver up to 120 g/m, over three times more fluid than in standard mode
  • Other benefits of High Laydown Technology include producing a high opacity finish, creating tactile embellishments and jetting high viscosity fluids.

  • Architectural glass (internal and external) - building facades, public art in lobbies and foyers, office partitions
  • Home décor - splashbacks, appliances, shower enclosures and work surfaces
  • Automotive - vents, windscreens, dashboards and sidelights
  • Containers and bottles: Direct-to-shape
  • Display - cover glass for tablets and mobile phones, obscuration and bezel printing, functional fluid deposition

"Xaar has always been proud that Tecglass chose to integrate the Xaar 2001 printheads into their advanced digital glass decoration printers, the Vitro-Jet range. Therefore, Tecglass customers can benefit from industrial reliability delivered by multiple technologies only available in Xaar printheads.

As part of the long standing relationship between Tecglass and Xaar, Xaar has validated Tecglass inks for compatibility with the Xaar 1002, Xaar 1003 and Xaar 2001 printheads used in the Tecglass printers.

In addition, Xaar has developed optimised waveforms for each Tecglass ink to ensure maximum printing reliability and manufacturing performance, as well as excellent and consistent image quality. We look forward to our continued co-operation and joint success with Tecglass” says Gary Jenno, Segment Business Manager at Xaar.

Why Xaar Technology?

Industrial reliability

Xaar’s printheads for glass printing are designed to deliver maximum production uptime with minimum operator intervention which ensures high production output and a fast return on investment.

Ultimate versatility

Xaar’s printheads are ideal for printing an extensive range of designs and patterns. Glass panel printers enabled with Xaar printheads can respond more quickly and cost effectively to design changes.

Outstanding print quality

Xaar’s portfolio delivers market-leading print quality, high productivity and high ink laydown to create glass panels that are differentiated from the competition.

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