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Xaar Midas HV HFR Fluid Management System

Key benefits

  • Increased functionality and control
    Ability to shut off individual printheads for maintenance and shut down without loss of fluid
  • High volume output
    Scalable outlets, up to five, to support printbar application
  • Ease of integration
    Compact in size with the ability to supply numerous printheads for integration into larger machines


Compact system for industrial high flow and pressure-fed printheads

The updated Xaar Midas HV HFR Ink Supply System is a compact fluid supply system with a high volume output capable of supplying fluid for up to five individual printheads. It is ideal for OEMs and integrators who are looking to scale up to support wider printbars as well as prototype systems where a fast time-to-market and therefore low development costs are required.

Ease of integration is a key advantage of the Xaar Midas Ink Supply System. It is compact in size, easy to mount and has an ink tank capacity designed to provide a stable and reliable ink supply, ideal for integrations into larger machines.

This is a flexible solution fully compatible with all Xaar printheads and has a modular design which makes it suitable for a range of applications; it can run multiple printheads out of the box as standard and has the ability to isolate each individual output using the software for increased control and functionality.

Available in two flow rate options of either 450ml or 1500ml per minute depending on your application requirements, the Xaar Midas HV HFR 450 offers up to 450ml per minute recirculation flow rates, ideal for advanced manufacturing, direct-to-shape and other applications jetting expensive fluids. The Xaar Midas HV HFR 1500 has a fluid flow rate of up to 1500ml per minute, targeting high volume and high throughput jetting.

Key features of the Midas solution are:

  • An integrated printhead shut-off valve and failsafe chamber with automatic shutdown
  • protects against ink loss during power failure
  • There is no need for external air sources or vacuum pumps
  • Changing fluids in under 30 minutes is enabled via the software
  • Ink temperature can be controlled up to 65°C and is recirculated within the angled
  • tank to avoid settling, which is particularly useful for heavily pigmented inks
  • Consistent high print quality in single-pass and scanning modes is ensured by the
  • integrated hydraulic meniscus measurement system. The system automatically
  • compensates the meniscus pressure within the printhead as fluid levels inside the
  • integrated fluid reservoir change during usage.

Connectivity to Printhead  
Maximum flow rate (mL/min) 450 or 1500 (dependent upon pump selected)
Maximum in-feed pressure (mbars) 600
Maximum return pressure (mbars) -200
Line connections Up to 2 factory fitted and 3 optional extras
Fluid Compatibility  
Fluid types Aqueous, Oil, Solvent and UV Curable
Fluid viscosity at jetting temperature (cP) 7-25
Fluid temperature range (°C) 65 (+/-1)
Built-in filter (μm) 10 (field replaceable)
Unit to printhead distance (m) Up to 1
Bulk fluid tank to unit distance (m) Up to 2
Control Standalone or with supplied SW
Ink system volume (ml) 150
Typical start-up time (min) 15
Typical shutdown time (min) 5
Voltage (VDC) 24
Current (A) 6-8
Communication interface 4-wire RS422/485 interface. Optional USB to RS422 adapter
Compliance CE (EU), MET (US)
Mass, dry (kg) 5.74
FMS dimensions (mm) 235 x 110 x 215
PSU dimensions (mm) 45 x 200 x 80
Single pass Yes
Scanning Yes
High laydown Yes

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