Xaar highlights benefits of Xaar 1003 printhead for labels

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10 July 2018

Xaar, the world-leader in industrial inkjet technology, will give a presentation on its market-leading Xaar 1003 printhead at an upcoming open house event held by Dantex Group. The aim of the event is to demonstrate why digital label press technologies are the future of the labelling industry.

Held at Dantex’s UK Demonstration Facility, the open day will showcase the company’s PicoColour® UV inkjet label press, which uses Xaar 1003 printheads. Flexible and versatile, PicoColour® combines fast and easy label production with superb printed results. A range of inline options means finished labels can be produced from a small footprint with a low cost-of-ownership. It is suitable for short or long run jobs; no minimum quantity, no waste and super-fast turn around.

Xaar will be attending alongside companies across the print process, including RotoMetrics, Herma, Bar Graphics, and Graphic Republik. Expert representatives from the companies will oversee live demonstrations of inkjet press specifications and answer questions on workflow, colour management, print materials, finishing, printheads, presses, and service and support.

“There are still many misconceptions and questions surrounding digital press technologies available in the market today,” says Simon Cosh, Business Development Manager at Dantex. “What this open house aims to achieve is to offer greater insight into true digital printing to enable customers to see why inkjet should be the preferred technology in the future of print.”

Xaar’s presentation – by Gary Jenno, Senior Product Manager, and Ian Green, Key Account Manager – will focus on the technology that makes the Xaar 1003 printhead the perfect choice for label printing.

The Xaar 1003 features a number of improvements on previous models, including the XaarGuard, which provides the ultimate in nozzle plate protection and helps the printhead achieve the longest maintenance-free production runs in the printing industry.

It also boasts Xaar’s Tuned Actuator Manufacturing, ensuring full scalability with a simple and quick set-up. This streamlines printhead replacement and achieves consistent print quality across long print bars with multiple printheads, at different greyscale levels.

Like its predecessors in the range, the Xaar 1003 combines Xaar’s unique and patented TF Technology with its Hybrid Side Shooter architecture, so that ink is recirculated directly past the back of the nozzle during drop ejection at the highest flow rates in the industry. This ensures that the printhead operates reliably even in the harshest industrial environments.

“The Xaar 1003 printhead has a proven track record for reliability and good quality print, which is essential for Dantex’s customers,” comments Gary Jenno. “We’re really pleased to be supporting the Dantex open day where the printhead’s capabilities will be demonstrated by the Dantex PicoColour.”

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