OEM visit strengthens commitment to Xaar 1201 printhead in China

Categories: Corporate, Xaar 1201
04 September 2018

Xaar recently welcomed a delegation of its Chinese OEM customers and Master Distributor for the Xaar 1201 to its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Cambridgeshire. The visit underlined the group’s commitment to the Xaar 1201 printhead, which prints high-quality images onto many media types, making it a very versatile printhead and an ideal choice for today’s graphics market.

The visiting partners consisted of OEMs XuCheng, Botianyin, ChunYuQiuFeng Digital Color Printer, Nuocai, Refretonic and X-Roland, as well as HaoCheng, Xaar’s Master Distributor in Greater China.

A tour of Xaar’s state-of-the-art Huntingdon manufacturing facility gave the visitors an overview of the company’s excellence in printhead design, development and quality control. This included demonstrations of the materials compatibility process, life-test process, waveform development, temperature compensation testing and print reliability testing.

The group from China was also able to learn about new Xaar technology for the graphics market, before a trip to Kings College, Cambridge to visit the memorial to the Chinese poet Xu Zhimo, and a drinks reception and dinner.

“It was fascinating to tour Xaar’s main facility and learn more about the Xaar 1201 printhead,” comments James Zhao, Chairman at HaoCheng. “Together with the integration solutions provided by HaoCheng, Xaar’s 1201 printhead definitely plays a strong role in enabling high performance graphics printers to be produced by Chinese OEMs.”

“Asia is an important region for Xaar so we were particularly honoured to host our Chinese partners and help them learn more about the technology and expertise that underpins all our products,” says Doug Edwards, Xaar’s CEO. “In particular their visit highlights the confidence our Chinese OEMs have in the Xaar 1201.”

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