Major Award Underlines Impact of Xaar 2001+ Printhead for Ceramics

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10 April 2018

The exceptional capabilities of Xaar’s 2001+ GS12 printhead with High Laydown (HL) Technology have been recognised after it won a major ceramics industry award. Xaar was honoured for its printhead in the category of ‘Contributions to Technology’ at the 14th prestigious China Ceramics Pioneers List (CCPL) on 28th March.

The five judges, all leading figures in the Chinese ceramics industry, also praised Xaar for the way it has “constantly strived to provide the best products and services to Chinese enterprises.”

The award underlines how, with its combination of greater print-quality and ability to deliver highly impactful effects, the Xaar 2001+ GS12C with High Laydown Technology is revolutionising ceramic tile decoration.

Through its powerful combination of 2,000 nozzles with 720 dpi resolution, the Xaar 2001+ GS12C guarantees significantly higher print quality than any other printhead on the market. This enables exceptionally fine details, smooth gradients and strong colours, providing tile manufacturers around the world with a crucial advantage over their rivals and ensuring their products stand out when on display.

Xaar’s High Laydown Technology delivers outstanding special effects such as gloss, glue and metallic, with ink laydown of up to 120 g/m2 at 35m/min line speed. When incorporated into the Xaar 2001+ GS12C, it allows tile manufacturers to deliver more creativity than ever before.

Hosted annually by Ceramic Town Weekly and the China Ceramic Industrial Association, the CCPL is the key ceramics industry awards ceremony in China.

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