Extended Warranty Offer Follows Xaar Success at Indian Ceramics 2017

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14 March 2017

Xaar – the world leader in industrial inkjet technology – is offering an extended warranty on all tile decoration printers with Xaar printheads purchased within 45 days of the Indian Ceramics 2017 show. The two-year warranty includes all Xaar 1003C- or Xaar 2001C- based printers.

The Xaar 2001 and Xaar 2001+ were on show for the first time on the EFI Cretaprint booth at the Indian Ceramics show (1-3 March, Ahmedabad, India).  Visitors were able to see the latest EFI™ Cretaprint® C4 Twin digital inkjet printer which features the Xaar 2001+ GS12C and the Xaar 2001+ GS40C printheads. This combination enables maximum impact and effectiveness for ceramic tile decoration, and ensures the printer is able to meet the recent trend for high-gloss dark marble tiles and effects with a high laydown at up to 60 g/m2 at 35 m/minute line speed, necessary for special effects.

Xaar’s Senior Product Manager, Gerard Winn, gave a talk at the show in which he stressed the need to innovate, differentiate and bring new value to ceramics. Addressing the latest printhead innovations, Gerard outlined how all of Xaar’s printheads have been designed to help tile manufacturers create high-value products, increase their production flexibility and reduce costs.

For example, with 2000 nozzles, the Xaar 2001+ can jet one colour at 720 dpi or two colours at 360 dpi each – producing a high level of productivity and print quality that allows tile manufacturers to create an extremely wide range of ceramic tile designs.

In addition to design versatility, tile manufacturers can select a printer set-up which meets their productivity and print quality requirements with the Xaar 2001 and Xaar 2001+ printhead families. Capable of handling fast line speeds or high ink laydown, Xaar’s latest printheads enable tile production flexibility from one day to the next. 
“The Indian Ceramics show has always been an important show for Xaar, and we saw significant interest in our latest Xaar 2001 and Xaar 2001+ printhead families.  The show this year was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the high impact designs that our printheads make possible. We are also pleased to announce that we are offering a two-year printhead warranty on all tile printers using the Xaar 1003C or 2001C purchased by 14th April 2017.

More information is available about the warranty offer at www.ceramics.xaar.com/warranty

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