Xaar launches the All New Xaar 1002 ceramics printhead

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12 March 2014

​​​​Xaar, the world’s leading inkjet technology specialist, is pleased to announce the launch of the All New Xaar 1002. This next generation printhead redefines the standard in single-pass ceramic tile decoration, delivering exceptional print quality and productivity to manufacturers worldwide.

The All New Xaar 1002 incorporates multiple new technology features, drawing on Xaar’s many years in the ceramics industry, giving improved drop volume uniformity and drop placement accuracy for an even higher quality printed image.  Featuring 1000 Optimised Geometry nozzles, the Xaar 1002 can jet and place drops with the highest precision on the market.  As a result this new printhead produces the smooth tones and solid areas needed to replicate natural materials that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Two variants of the Xaar 1002 (GS6 and GS12) have been developed and optimised for a wide range of creative and textured designs used on ceramic wall and floor tiles.
The All New Xaar 1002 printhead builds on the outstanding success of the market-leading Xaar 1001 which transformed the ceramics industry and is universally recognised as the industry’s top printhead.  Tile manufacturers choose Xaar technology for its overall exceptional performance and unrivalled reliability which is delivered by Xaar’s TF Technology™ combined with the Hybrid Side-Shooter™ architecture; this is the only true ink recirculation system which ensures maximum production uptime. Customer ‘ease of use’ has also been enhanced by an improvement to the customer electronic interface and by enabling a reduction in the set up time required. 

The Xaar 1002 is a highly versatile printhead. It is capable of handling a wide range of fluids and viscosity ranges and is backwards compatible with the Xaar 1001. Also available alongside the Xaar 1002 is a range of systems components – including the new slimline HPC3, the XUSB and Xaar Hydra. These have been designed for easy configuration, optimisation and integration to reduce time-to-market. In addition, the improved uniformity of the Xaar 1002 allows manufacturers to configure long print bars with multiple printheads faster and more easily.  Finally, as the Xaar 1002 is fully compatible with Xaar 1001-enabled printers, users can easily upgrade whenever they wish and experience the benefits immediately.

“The original Xaar 1001 with its unique recirculating TF Technology™ kick started the digital tile decoration revolution. The All New Xaar 1002, incorporating the very latest patented* technology, defines the next generation of ceramic printhead, setting the highest levels of quality and performance available to the ceramic manufacturing world,” says Richard Barham, Sales and Marketing Director, Xaar. “Our commitment to investing 12% of our revenue in R&D means that we will continue to deliver the very best inkjet technology to tile manufacturers globally, ensuring they benefit from a competitive advantage and a maximum return on their investment.”
Ceramic tile decoration printers featuring the All New Xaar 1002 printhead are available now from EFI Cretaprint, Hope Ceramics Machinery, KERAjet, Meijia Ceramic Equipment, New King Time Machinery, Intesa-Sacmi, Projecta SITI B&T, SRS and TecnoFerrari.
*patents pending​

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