Xaar 1001 dominates the industrial digital arena at Labelexpo 2013

Categories: Printheads, TF Technology
19 September 2013

​​​​At Labelexpo Europe (24-27th September 2013, Brussels) visitors will see the significant impact that the innovative Xaar 1001 printhead is having on the industrial digital label printing industry.  

During the show ALS Engineering, Durst, EFI Jetrion, FFEI, INX International, JF Machines and Stork Prints will all show their latest Xaar 1001-enabled presses which range from stand-alone, entry-level, systems for late-stage overprinting to fully-integrated systems with in-line printing and finishing. 

Xaar is also sponsoring the Labelexpo Europe Inkjet Trail which unites many leading digital label press manufacturers in a unique showcase. Every day the participating manufacturers - including Xaar OEMs Durst, EFI Jetrion and Stork Prints - will print a selection of standard food, pharmaceutical and industrial labels to enable visitors to compare the same labels produced on a variety of different presses. These companies rely on the Xaar 1001 printhead to deliver high quality labels at speed and extremely reliably. Key characteristics for high resolution single-pass labels are opaque whites, high resolution text and images with smooth tones. The Xaar 1001 printhead delivers these better than any other printhead today.

Label converters need digital label presses to print a wide variety of labels efficiently, continuously and cost-effectively in order to maximise revenue and return on investment. They want to be able to print high-quality and customised labels on a variety of smooth and textured substrates. They need the capability to print with high-opacity white ink as a base layer for clear and metallic labels or as a top layer for reverse labels. Plus, they expect the highest reliability and lowest maintenance requirements to ensure maximum production uptime.  

The Xaar 1001 is the printhead of choice for leading label manufacturers because it fulfils these requirements better than any other printhead on the market. This piezoelectric printhead delivers an effective resolution over 1000 dpi using up to 8 grey levels which produces vibrant images and pin sharp text. The revolutionary design of the Xaar 1001 combines Xaar's TF Technology™ with Hybrid Side Shooter™ architecture which together delivers the highest flow rate of ink past the back of the inkjet nozzle for effective air bubble and particle removal. As a result inks, including heavily pigmented white ink and varnishes, are kept in suspension and in constant motion to prevent nozzle blocking which can occur in some printheads.  Consequently, Xaar 1001-enabled presses perform exceptionally well with minimal maintenance. Ultimately, leading manufacturers of industrial digital label presses choose the Xaar 1001 printhead because it provides unrivalled reliability, lowest cost of ownership and maximum print quality. 

"Brands and converters are now starting to take advantage of the considerable production and marketing benefits that digital inkjet can bring which is, in turn, now stimulating a growing investment in digital label presses around the world," says Mark Alexander, Director of Marketing, Xaar. "Key to this sector is the ability to print not only short runs but now medium to long runs which the Xaar 1001 can handle effortlessly". 

Xaar 1001-enabled press highlights at Labelexpo Europe 2013

The modular design of the ALS Engineering (9F18) Ecojet single-pass UV digital label printer gives users a choice of models from 280-630mm web widths and speeds from 12m-50m/min, with a choice of CMYK + white + special colours. The Ecojet depends on Xaar 1001 printheads to deliver the highest level of print quality and reliability. 

Durst (9H57) shows the modular 7-colour Tau 330 high speed UV inkjet label press featuring new in-line digital laser finishing and low-migration UV inks for food, healthcare and pharmaceutical applications at Labelexpo. The Tau 330 uses Xaar 1001 printheads and prints up to 48m/min on a 330mm width web to achieve a production capacity of 950sqm/hr. "The way we use the Xaar 1001 printheads is unique. We position them in a particular way in a row and use a second printhead to interleave to image at a higher, 720 dpi resolution, while being able to print at twice the speed," describes Helmuth Munter, Durst Segment Manager, Label Printing. "The reliability is very good. We're able to print as many colours as possible and extended gamut inks." Over 15 installations of the press have been made this year alone.

EFI's (9H55) Jetrion modular UV inkjet presses combine the performance of the company's UV inkjet print engine with Xaar 1001 printheads and the flexibility of industrial web finishing. The single-pass Jetrion 4900 family with inline finishing, including laser die cutting, eliminates the need for dies. New varnish and lamination options add even greater versatility. "Jetrion users globally have produced billions of labels on the presses since the Jetrion 4000 family was launched 6 years ago," explains Steven Billow, CTO, EFI Jetrion. "We're able to do this in part because Xaar makes a reliable printhead with its TF Technology™."

FFEI (7L32) Xaar 1001 printheads have been chosen by FFEI Ltd to deliver the high productivity, reliability and quality its customers require from its new-generation Graphium digital UV inkjet press. Graphium, distributed by Fujifilm, is a modular, 4-colour narrow web, digital UV inkjet press with additional high-opacity digital white ink and varnish capability. Print speeds of up to 50m/min on a 410mm web width delivers productivity up to 1,230 sqm/hr. Supporting up to six digital modules and six flexo stations, Graphium enables users to integrate optional flexo and finishing stations in line for conversion in a single pass. "The Xaar 1001 is absolutely perfect for handling high-viscosity fluids," says Andy Cook, FFEI Managing Director. "There is just no other printhead that could deliver Graphium's performance and day-in, day-out reliability with low maintenance." 

INX International Ink Co (9G38) In conjunction with Spartanics, INX International will show the NW140 inkjet UV digital narrow web press. The press incorporates 12 Xaar 1001 printheads with six ink channels and is powered by the JetINX™ printhead drive and ink recirculation system to deliver fast UV-LED cure single-pass output on any label stock. "With so many short-run jobs, label printers must rely on digital presses that can print high quality labels comparable with flexo and offset, while keeping up with demand," says Renee Schouten, INX Corporate Marketing Manager. "That's why we designed the NW140 press with Xaar 1001 printheads. TF Technology™ helps keep our presses running with little maintenance." 

JF Machines (9G70) shows the PicoColour 140 digital colour label press using Xaar 1001 inkjet printheads and CMYK Sunjet UV inks. The machine features rotary die cutting, an optional fifth colour and is available in 70, 140 and 210mm print widths. Enhancements introduced at the show include variable data printing capability and a new high-precision drive technology. 

​Stork Prints (6H40) shows he DSI® UV inkjet label printer which can be configured as a stand-alone digital printer or a complete line with in-line (semi-rotary) converting and in widths from 135mm-530mm. The DSI features four Xaar 1001 printheads as standard, however an additional six can be added to enable options such as digital white, digital primer and an extended colour gamut by adding orange and violet. "The combination of Xaar printheads and the Stork UV LED pinning stations, together with our own in-house manufactured and Xaar-approved inks, produce excellent colour results." says Désirée Ordelman, Stork Prints Communications Manager. ​