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Our opportunities

Our hiring process

1. Application

Submit your CV and a cover letter stating how you meet the requirements of the vacancy and why you are interested. Email it to

Once you’ve submitted your application, our recruitment team will review your application. They will also see if other roles match your profile. Not getting a role can often be a matter of timing, rather than a reflection of your skills or qualifications.

So, if things don’t work out with your first application, don’t let that stop you from applying to other roles in the future.

2. Interview

The next step in the process is a series of interviews — which may be on the phone, via video call, or in person — to better understand your skills, experience and motivations. Some positions may require an online assessment e.g. for coding skills, natural strengths and decision-making.

Remember that interviews are two-way conversations. Use your time to ask questions to learn about Xaar and the role. We’re always happy to connect you with subject matter experts and future colleagues within Xaar for informal conversations to give you more insights.

If you have any special requirements, questions or concerns, our team is here to help. We are committed to providing the support and provisions you need so you can keep the focus on your conversations.

3. Feedback or offer

We know how important regular updates are. Whether we’re extending an offer or giving you some advice to help with future interviews, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can. If you receive an offer, we welcome further discussions before you make your decision. We know it is a big decision and it’s important you have all the facts.

After an offer is accepted, your Xaar journey begins with your personal onboarding plan. You will meet with new colleagues and learn about our culture and values, our growth strategy, and more.

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