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Life at Xaar

Ever wondered what life here is like?

A warm welcome. Creative projects. Growing your career. Character building charity events. Food carts. Don’t take our word for it. Follow us on social media to see for yourself.


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Renzo Trip, Principal Engineer

Our team works with customers on novel inkjet applications and the technology of future printheads.

What makes you feel proud to work at Xaar/in your team?

Everytime a customer is surprised by the reliability of our printheads.

Describe a project or career highlight where you were able to make a difference.

A few years ago, I was asked to investigate the functionality of an inkjet printhead when mounted on a robotic arm. The confidence in the ability of the printhead gained during the project has contributed to the integration of Xaar printheads in some eye-catching applications.

How is Xaar an inclusive place to work where you can be yourself?

In a small team, that is located overseas, each member carries the responsibility for a pleasant working environment. From the day I started I have felt welcome in the team, supported by my colleagues abroad, and fully supported by Xaar as a whole.  

What do you believe is the one most exciting thing about the future of Xaar?

The use of Xaar printheads in ever more industries, whether it's the solar panels on our roofs, the cars we drive or the clothes we wear.

Matt Smith, Strategic Buyer

I work within the supply chain department, responsible for the procurement of the direct material supply and consumables required to build our products.

What makes you feel proud to work at Xaar/in your team?

I'm very proud of the commitment given by the team on a daily basis to do whatever is required to ensure any issues in supply are managed as best it can be and to ensure there are as little impact to production as possible.

Describe a project or career highlight where you were able to make a difference.

During covid there were issues with electronic component supply that could have stopped production of our Printed Circuit Boards required to build the printheads. I was part of a team to mitigate the impact and in fact we did not stop production through the period, thanks to Mark Jepson and Michael Reddish. This for me was a good example of how cross functional teams can work effectively, quickly and to an agreed plan. 

What is your favourite benefit at Xaar?

I benefit from the flexibility of being able to purchase extra holiday each year. When my wife and I had our second child, I was able to purchase an extra weeks holiday to have time available to support my wife.

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