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Seeing is believing Xaar Open Day

Redefining the possibilities of inkjet

Xaar is inviting visitors to its Cambridge R&D facility on 7th November to see first-hand how its latest technologies are redefining the boundaries of inkjet printing, opening new opportunities for textiles, graphics, decorative, and advanced packaging applications.


Traditionally, inkjet has been limited by its ability to print fluids of viscosities between 10 to 25cP, however, Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity Technology has redefined this. Fluids of up to 100cP at jetting temperature (approximately 1000cP at room temperature) and those with a high particle loading can now be used, revolutionising the opportunities for inkjet.

This capability is enabling the development of new fluids for jetting and providing access to the many potential benefits of digital printing, as well as delivering significant advantages to applications where it is already used. From improving print quality at higher speeds to enhanced material properties delivering process, functionality, cost and sustainability benefits, the ability to jet a wide range of high viscosity, high particle loaded fluids is driving change on many levels.

R&D engineers, technologists, process engineers and product managers currently working with inkjet or looking to work with inkjet in packaging, labels, corrugate, textiles and other applications, are invited to register their interest in attending this free event – places are very limited. Attendees will be able to see for themselves what is now possible with inkjet, with practical demonstrations showing a range of aqueous, UV and solvent fluids being jetted.

Karl Forbes, Group R&D Director at Xaar said: “With our latest technologies many of the traditional boundaries of what can, or cannot, be printed by inkjet are no longer relevant.

“Our Open Day will help people see what is now possible using fluids with higher viscosities and a higher particle loading, with demonstrations showcasing how Xaar’s inkjet can now unleash opportunities in so many new sectors and applications.

“In what will no doubt be an informative and engaging event, we very much look forward to showing visitors more on 7th November and helping them find their inkjet opportunity.”

Xaar’s Open Day will be held the day before the FuturePrint Tech ‘Digital Print for Manufacturing’ conference in Cambridge on the 8th & 9th November, where Xaar’s Group R&D Director Karl Forbes will also be presenting his talk titled, ‘Seeing is believing’. 

Those wishing to attend the Open Day are invited to register their interest as soon as possible on Xaar’s website at as places are limited, while those interested in the FuturePrint Tech event can purchase tickets at

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