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Volume manufacturing - the next big thing in 3D printing

​​There isn't a day goes by without another shower of innovative applications around 3D printing hitting the press. From printing human tissue to the growing number of components built into the latest commercial airliners, there is now an incredible array of applications from the seven core technologies that sit under the 3D Printing umbrella.

3D printing maybe everywhere, but it’s still limited by the time it takes to print layer by layer. However, at Xaar, we are increasingly optimistic that this is about to change with 3D printing making the jump into high volume manufacturing. We have been working closely with the University of Sheffield's AdAM Centre and partners, including Unilever and BAE Systems to develop HSS (High Speed Sintering) technology.Follow this link (FACTUM site) to find out more. 

Why are we so excited? Because this technology applies the scalability and flexibility of inkjet to reduce build times to a fraction of what they are today, whilst providing manufacturers with a wide choice of industrial polymers to work with.

TheAdAM Centre now has two prototype printers running with the latestXaar 1002 printheadsand, with the first licences to this technology already signed, we are getting really excited about the future of HSS - you should be too!

David Chapman, Business Development - Advanced Manufacturing at Xaar

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