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Six top tips to help you seize the inkjet opportunity

More and more industries are looking to maximise the potential of inkjet and take advantage of this extremely versatile, non-contact technology to either replace traditional production methods or deliver new applications.

Yet while enabling a multitude of new uses, as a technology, inkjet can seem daunting to the uninitiated.

Whether you’re updating an existing process, developing an entirely new product, or interested in coatings, spray painting, deposition or adding effects and embellishments – our six top tips are here to guide you:

  1. Use an integrated product – save time, money and hassle by using an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution like the Xaar Versatex, with the mechanical and electrical design, ink supply systems, software for image-processing and a graphical user interface already included.
  1. Choose your fluid and printhead in partnership to maximise the application potential – consider the purpose of the final product and your printing requirements; is it resolution, print speed or print width? Do you need a solvent, oil-based or another type of fluid? Do you need a printhead that can handle high viscosity fluids? From here, you can work out your fluid and printhead specification to ensure reliable and consistent jetting.
  1. Choose a good RIP – if you’re printing variable data, consider the bandwidth required to print at maximum speed. An inkjet printer is only as good as the bitmap it’s working with.
  1. Remember your maintenance – printhead maintenance is important for print quality, life span and overall operating efficiency. Xaar’s TF Technology ink recirculation will carry any air bubbles and unwanted particles and sedimentation away and our ultrasonic self-cleaning mode, Sure Flow, can also clear and prevent blocked nozzles.
  1. Have a development plan and stick to it – the most important question you need to answer in your development journey is ‘can I inkjet print this?’. Finding the answer in the quickest time possible and for the lowest investment is crucial to maximising your return.
  1. Don’t worry if you’re not an inkjet expert – find a partner that is an expert, who can provide continued technical support to help you every step of the way – just like our global support team at Xaar, who can provide consultancy, training and application expertise, from development to full production and will also shorten your development time.

Want to know more? Well, our latest guide is designed to help inform your journey for a more successful outcome, answering common questions such as ‘why digital inkjet?’, ‘what fluid do I use?’ and ‘what system components do I need?’. It will help businesses take advantage of on-demand and variable data printing, reduce waste, and deliver an improved return on investment – all through exploring the possibilities of inkjet.

Download ‘Your guide to a successful inkjet development project’ today and read exactly how inkjet and Xaar can deliver your inkjet opportunity.

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