Download: Your guide to a successful inkjet development project

Categories: Systems Components , Printheads
13 April 2022

Learn more about what to consider when starting your inkjet development journey, including ‘Why digital inkjet?’, ‘What fluid do I use?’ and ‘What system components do I need?’.

Using inkjet for the first time can be daunting and downright overwhelming. What printheads, what fluid, what datapaths and are they are compatible with each other? It’s important to have the right products, expertise and technology along with a good plan before you’re in too deep.

From the need to use difficult fluids on a variety of substrates, to the ability to print in multiple orientations, the guide encapsulates Xaar’s 30 years of experience in a single resource, to demonstrate how a wide range of industries can now seize the opportunity of inkjet technology.

Inside, we’ll answer some common questions:

  • Why digital inkjet?
  • What fluid do I use?
  • What system components do I need?
  • What do I need to start up my development project and scale up?
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