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The Xaar Hydra Ink Supply System delivers robust and reliable benefits for In2 Printing Solutions

The reliability and robustness of the Xaar Hydra Ink Supply System has made it the number one choice for innovative digital printing company In2 Printing Solutions.

Headquartered in Navarra, Spain, In2 Printing has become a worldwide reference point and the domestic leader in the industrial inkjet printing sector for the pharmaceutical, food and the aeronautic industries.

The business approached Xaar back in 2011, to develop a prototype for printing aluminium foil in pharmaceutical applications. The solution, using Xaar 1001 GS6U printheads alongside the Xaar Hydra, was so good that it was soon incorporated into production and some 10 years later, In2 Printing has installed more than 100 systems.

The Hydra Ink Supply System is a recirculating ink supply system that drives Xaar’s unique TF Technology within the Xaar Nitrox, Xaar 1003, Xaar 2002 and the Xaar 50x series, single-pass industrial inkjet printheads. Single-pass applications have become more complex, and users now demand that printers handle a wider variety of jobs as well as a faster turn-around. In addition, overall printer performance and uptime have become critical. The Xaar Hydra delivers the reliability, adaptability and ease of installation needed to meet these demands.

Simple installation, enhanced uptime and exceptional greyscale quality, mean the Xaar Hydra Ink Supply System continues to deliver for In2 Printing’s clients and works as well today as it did on installation.

In2 Printing Solution’s Managing Director, Carlos Corchon said; “From the very beginning, our collaboration with Xaar was both close and rewarding. Our Xaar Hydra kit was up and printing within days and it soon became clear that we had great potential to open up new possibilities for our clients.

“Today we are running more than 100 of the Xaar Hydras in real time production, some of them working 24/7. Even the first one we installed is still running with very little need for much more than scheduled maintenance. And there is a very good reason we are still using them – we still cannot find anything better in the market!”

The Xaar Hydra offers precise nozzle meniscus pressure and differential pressure (ink flow rate) control, ensuring reliable operation, and exact temperature control facilitates the use of a wide range of fluid viscosities.

The intuitive user interface either via a PC or when operating the Xaar Hydra in stand-alone mode delivers easy, effective, real-time monitoring of the nozzle pressure, ink flow rate and temperature control.

As with many firms in this specialist industry, the monitoring of performance in production is crucial. For those running the Xaar Hydra, if an error or anomaly is detected the printer can be paused immediately and an early diagnostic check and solution can be delivered, with delays minimised or eliminated.

Carlos concluded; “Whilst there is no doubt that the Xaar Hydra Ink Supply System has been a real game-changer for us, a strong contribution to its continued success is the refreshingly open and collaborative relationship that the team at Xaar provide. Their commitment to a ‘listen and develop’ approach to clients will ensure we regard them as a trusted supplier for years to come.”

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