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From getting started in inkjet, to robotics - Xaar to share insights at FuturePrint Tech Fest

At this month’s FuturePrint Tech Fest, Xaar will explore the growing role of inkjet in novel industrial applications with a presentation that looks at the use of robotics in direct to shape printing, and also take part in the panel discussion titled “problem solving and applications”.

Renzo Trip, Principal Engineer at Xaar, and Graham Tweedale, General Manager of Xaar's printhead business, are among the key contributors to the Tech Fest event held on 29th – 30th June, which aims to focus on the successful development and integration of industrial inkjet.

During his seminar on 30th June at 10.00 BST / 11.00 CET Renzo will explore the capabilities and challenges of using robotics in inkjet printing. He will present the findings of a series of exacting tests undertaken using Xaar printheads in a variety of challenging scenarios, from inversion to operation in motion, reaffirming Xaar’s assertion that in the world of inkjet, “almost anything is possible”. 

On 29th June at 16.00 BST / 17.00 CET Graham Tweedale will be discussing the elements needing consideration when looking at inkjet as a potential commercial production solution. In particular, he will highlight the importance of fluid testing at the very start of a project and its role in helping to understand whether inkjet is a viable technology for the application under review. This, alongside the early production of samples helps to identify and resolve any issues early on, saving time and money. Graham will also highlight how collaboration is fundamental to this process and only by developing deep, open relationships with partners –rather than a traditional customer/supplier relationship – will the broader skills and knowledge contribute to the success of each programme.

The right ink chemistry, the best integration and engineering partner, software, drive electronics, inkjet printhead and curing technology must all be aligned for success to be achieved, and the FuturePrint Tech Fest seeks to address each of these areas in detail over its two days.

Both sessions are open to all and can be attended by registering at:

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