Xaar Hydra Ink Supply System

Key benefits

The Hydra Ink Supply System is part of Xaar’s range of systems components which accelerate OEM time-to-market by easing development, saving time and cost whilst ensuring optimal performance of Xaar printheads.

The compact Hydra can be combined with the Hydra Power Supply Unit (PSU), and the Hydra Sensor Manifold, to control nozzle pressure, ink flow rate and temperature. This complete solution can support up to four Xaar 1003 printheads. An additional option available for the Hydra PSU is a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) and allows a controlled shut down in the event of power failure preventing ink drying in the printer.

The Xaar Hydra Ink Supply System is part of Xaar’s range of systems components, which includes the Xaar Print Manager (XPM), Xaar XUSB Drive Electronics, Xaar Head Personality Cards and Xaar Midas Ink Supply System.

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Xaar’s Hydra ink supply solution ensures optimal performance and reliability

Xaar’s Hydra Ink Supply System is a recirculating ink supply system which supports Xaar Nitrox, Xaar 1003, Xaar 2002 and Xaar 50x series, single-pass industrial printers ensuring optimal performance and reliability. As single-pass applications become more complex and users demand that printers handle a wider variety of jobs and faster turn-around, the overall printer performance and uptime have become critical elements.


  • Precise nozzle pressure and ink flow rate control – ensuring reliable operation
  • Exact temperature control – enabling the widest range of fluid viscosities
  • Intuitive User Interface either via a PC or when operating the Xaar Hydra in stand-alone mode – for easy monitoring of the nozzle pressure, ink flow rate and temperature control
  • Supports Xaar Nitrox, Xaar 1003, Xaar 2002 and Xaar 50x series, used in a wide range of applications – providing the widest possible flexibility and applicability.

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