• Xaar’s ceramics printhead portfolio offers versatility in ceramic tile decoration, enabling tile manufacturers to replicate natural materials and produce highly creative tiles, which stand out against the competition. The portfolio benefits from a unique combination of technologies, which deliver enhanced print quality and industrial reliability.
  • For tile manufacturers considering new printer installations, the Xaar 2001+ with three variants, 720 dpi resolution and unique High Laydown Technology, is the most versatile printhead family for ceramic tile decoration today.
  • The Xaar 1003 is an excellent choice for tile manufacturers who already have Xaar 1001/1002 based equipment and who wish to avoid the cost and complexity of installing a completely new printer.
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Ultimate versatility in ceramic tile decoration

Over the last few years, the ceramics tile industry has extensively adopted digital inkjet technology for the tile decoration process. It has enabled tile manufacturers to replicate natural materials and produce highly creative and textured tiles as well as larger and thinner tiles. Xaar’s revolutionary printhead portfolio is recognised as the ‘breakthrough technology’ that drove this digital transformation as it delivered enhanced print quality and printhead robustness.


Xaar’s printheads are the benchmark against which all other single-pass printheads are compared. The printhead portfolio benefits from Xaar’s unbeaten combination of TF Technology [link] ink recirculation and Hybrid Side-Shooter architecture, delivering industrial reliability when using heavily pigmented and high viscosity fluids. The Xaar 1003, Xaar 2001 and Xaar 2001+ printhead families also incorporate the XaarGuard which ensures the longest maintenance-free production runs in the industry – typically once per shift or less.

  • Floor tiles
  • Special effects
  • Tile cladding for building exteriors
  • Wall tiles

Why Xaar Technology?

Ultimate versatility

Xaar’s ceramics printheads are ideal for printing an extensive range of ceramic tile designs and patterns. Tile printers enabled with Xaar printheads can respond more quickly and cost effectively to design changes.


Production flexibility

Xaar’s portfolio delivers market-leading print quality, high productivity and high ink laydown to create ceramic tiles that are differentiated from the competition.

Industrial reliability

Xaar’s ceramics printheads are designed to deliver maximum production uptime with minimum operator intervention which ensures high production output and a fast return on investment.