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I’ll be with you in an instant

Instant start up. It’s easily said and claimed, and yet for many items in our lives do they really deliver on this promise?

In the world of printheads, instant start up is a key advantage and it’s one that we are proud to deliver on. For many years, our printhead developments have been widely recognised as revolutionary in both the improvement of their productivity and the scope of their operation. It is not surprising that an ever-increasing array of industries are becoming interested in their adoption. This interest is heightened when it becomes clear that our printheads are missing something that almost all other printheads have; the need for lengthy start up and commissioning routines.

With our printheads driving your print systems, our unique TF Technology means it’s “Connect & Play” from the moment you switch on. When you install an empty, un-primed Xaar printhead in a machine, and press “go”, all the air is evacuated from the printhead, instantly and by design, meaning you are ready to print in seconds.

Those days of time-consuming nozzle clearing routines, priming, and resetting maintenance procedures at the start of every new shift, or after weekend shutdowns, are over; Xaar’s bespoke printhead manifold designs work in tandem with a reservoir of ink that freely and constantly flows past the back of each nozzle means you’re ready to print in seconds. Every time.

No more air bubbles in the system, missing lines, poor reliability, overheating, interaction with acoustics… say goodbye to hours reorienting the printhead, and wasting valuable fluids and media just to get started; With Xaar, you just switch on and get productive!

The result? Instant access to all the productivity that our printhead R&D has worked towards.

Don’t believe us? Well, as we said many talk about instant start up, but we really do deliver and the first video in our new eXplainer series takes this as its topic.

So, take a look and see how our unique technologies and printhead design help make this more than just a promise, and ensure you are printing instantly – whether it be at the start of a shift or when using the latest heavily pigmented inks or viscous fluids.

Minimising downtime and maintenance and maximising efficiency. Just how it should be.

Watch the video here.

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