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Unlocking the inkjet opportunity in direct to shape can printing

The recent excellent article in the highly respected Packaging World, recognising the latest advances in digital print, is testament to the continued growth in the use of inkjet technology in an ever wider range of sectors.

Here we can see how Juno DTS is using the Xaar 1003 printhead in an exciting new application and truly showcasing a world where you can print anything you can imagine!

Indeed, our industrial inkjet technology continues to transform many industries and sectors; the pace of conversion to digital is starting to accelerate. Xaar has been instrumental in the development of genuinely practical innovations that address and overcome some of the long-standing roadblocks in the application of inkjet.

This is because we deliver a range of benefits which include unrivalled reliability, outstanding performance and process efficiencies which enable our customers to be more innovative, productive, versatile, competitive and creative.

With Xaar’s unique TF Technology, high resolution printing, reduced maintenance requirements and continuous, reliable printing in single-pass operation, the Xaar 1003 is perfect for maximising production output, enhancing print quality, minimising production interruptions and reducing the need for operator intervention.

This is particularly required in printing on aluminium cans as Juno’s modular and scalable way of digitally printing shows.

Historically, digital inkjet printing has been used in this sector for special applications such as short-run promotional products, and for creating special three - dimensional effects.

Now with achievable production rates of 400 cans per minute, the Juno system presents a genuinely scalable alternative to conventional lithographic processes, whilst retaining all the short-run and customising advantages for which digital printing is already known.


You can find out more about Xaar’s 1003 printhead here.


Unleashing the power of inkjet. One can at a time.

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