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Ultimate Productivity & Flexibility: The benefits of Xaar's dual channel printheads for today’s inkjet applications

Ultimate Productivity & Flexibility: The benefits of Xaar's dual channel printheads for today’s inkjet applications

Did you know that Xaar’s Aquinox and 2002 printheads feature two separate fluid channels, offering a myriad of benefits and possibilities to inkjet users?

In this blog, we’ll be discussing how inkjet users can maximise productivity and flexibility with Xaar’s dual channel printheads.

One printhead, double the impact

The dual channel architecture within both our Xaar 2002 and Aquinox printheads allows users to do far more with one printhead – enabling either one or two completely different fluids to be jetted at the same time.

For maximum print quality, speed and throughput, both channels can be used together – providing clear productivity advantages when compared to printing with a single channel printhead. Users can also achieve a market-leading high-resolution print of 720dpi – perfect for fine detail printing for many inkjet applications and streamlining the printing process.

“it’s just a matter of simply changing the waveform that users can switch the fluid jetting option (all one or two different fluids) between dual channels”.

Saving on both the initial investment and operational costs, the same productivity can be achieved with half the number of printheads by using the same fluid across two paths.

Two channels, double the flexibility

Yet, not only does this design feature offer an opportunity for a boost in quality and productivity with one fluid, but having two channels also provides inkjet users with the flexibility to use different fluids with the one printhead – and here the opportunities are endless. For example, in packaging and label applications a spot colour and a varnish can be applied with just the one printhead while four-colour process print can be delivered with just two!

And with the latest developments in 3D printing applications, two part fluids can be jetted simultaneously, allowing complex chemistries to be printed for additive manufacturing production with no alignment required and a reduced footprint. 

By simply changing the individual channel waveforms, users can very easily switch between one or two channel options to provide optimal fluid performance.

With the ability to use two fluids in one printhead, flexibility is built-in meaning OEMs and research institutions can evaluate different fluids much more easily and cost effectively. This capability, combined with Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity and High Laydown Technologies is allowing a whole variety of new development fluids to be jetted, with each channel printing at up to 360dpi to deliver innovative new uses for inkjet.

Maximum productivity, maximum flexibility

Our dual channel printheads reflect Xaar’s dedication to inkjet technology innovation, ensuring unmatched efficiency and reliability. Whether you are using the channels for double the impact across one fluid type, or maximising flexibility with two – our Xaar 2002 and Aquinox printheads are allowing users to do more with one printhead, elevating inkjet printing applications to new heights of flexibility and productivity.

Want to find out more? Take a look at our full range of printheads.

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