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Sure Flow – ultrasonic self-cleaning printhead mode to keep your printheads at their best

With Xaar’s unique TF Technology, whatever the job, you know you’ll get the best performance from your printheads. But sometimes, in exceptional situations, external factors and challenging applications (such as printing ceramic tiles) can create abnormally harsh operational environments for inkjet printing.  This is where Sure Flow, our new ultrasonic self-cleaning printhead mode, can help deliver continuous in-line performance for the very best printhead productivity.

Sure Flow enables users to clear and prevent nozzle blockages without the need to remove the printhead during the process, promoting enhanced uptime and thus eliminating costly downtime. 

Enabled by software, users simply activate the Sure Flow mode as required by adjusting the settings and loading a command file. This drives each channel to work at maximum power and frequency to create ultrasonic waves that produce controlled vibrations of the channel walls without pausing production, or the need to remove the printhead.

And whatever inks, solvents or specific fluids you are using, having Sure Flow as part of your maintenance routine, delivers a fast and powerful solution at maximum voltage and firing frequency to keep your production running.

With Xaar’s ink recirculating printheads installed, you can improve set up times and reliability, as well as minimising maintenance time. Crucially, it’s our unique combination of Xaar’s Sure Flow and TF Technology which makes all the difference for a self-cleaning printhead, and it’s simply not available anywhere else.

Want to know more? Take a look at the third video in our eXplainer series to see exactly how our printheads can deliver effective, in-situ maintenance, further enhancing printhead productivity from start to finish.

Minimising downtime and maintenance, and maximising productivity.

Just how it should be.

Watch the video here or read the press release here.

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