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Reliability - A clear path to productivity

So, you’ve found a simple-to-install, ready-to-go Xaar printhead. But what use is a fast start if you can’t stay the course?

Xaar’s revolutionary TF Technology ink recirculation, together with its unique open and symmetrical architecture, provides users with an impressive fast-start capability. Once you’re out of the blocks, this very same technology continues to drive productivity with virtually maintenance-free and blockage-free operation.

TF Technology ensures that fluid is in constant motion through the printhead, preventing sedimentation and nozzle blocking, keeping nozzles continuously primed and carrying away air bubbles and unwanted particles, radically improving reliability even in the harshest of industrial environments. The low pressure drop design balances with the wide meniscus pressure window to ensure there are no slow spots for bubbles to sit in. Our printheads are designed to eliminate them automatically, in seconds.

Our unique Hybrid Side Shooter architecture further enables fluid to flow directly past the back of the nozzle at very high flow rates during drop ejection. It is the very high flow rates that keeps the nozzles continuously primed ensuring the nozzles are firing constantly.  The open architecture of our printheads means there are no dead spots where larger particles can settle and form clumps causing blockages, which can lead to missing lines, poor reliability, and overheating.

And even at the nozzle plate, our XaarGuard protector contributes still further to a seamless, almost maintenance-free operation, boosting productivity on each shift.

With Xaar’s printheads installed, all the benefits of constant fluid recirculation at high flow rates combine to minimise downtime and maximise production, improving reliability and reducing maintenance time.

This second video in our new eXplainer series demonstrates how Xaar printheads deliver productive, low maintenance, trouble-free printing, time and time again. When it comes to commercially effective inkjet printhead technology, we understand the importance of uninterrupted production.

Minimising downtime and maintenance, and maximising efficiency.

Just how it should be.

Watch the video here.

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