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Xaar Print Manager (XPM)

Key benefits

  • High performance and advanced functionality: the XPM meets the demand for increased image complexity, fast image download and additional hardware acceleration as printers grow in size and functionality.
  • Ultimate in scalability and flexibility: available in four configurations that can be mixed to create the most cost-effective and flexible solution, the XPM uses the industry standard Gigabit Ethernet to reliably support printers with very large numbers of printheads.
  • Reduced time-to-market: this proven hardware and software package ensures optimal printhead operation, reduces time-to-market and minimises the cost faced when developing industrial printers.

High performance printhead data management

The Xaar Print Manager (XPM) delivers the high performance and advanced functionality expected by designers of today’s highly innovative industrial inkjet printers. As single-pass and scanning applications become more complex and users demand that printers handle more and larger images, the performance of the data management system becomes a critical element.

The XPM provides a high speed, reliable data conduit between the processed image data and Xaar printheads. Available in two configurations, the XPM12 and XPM16 provide the ultimate in scalability and flexibility allowing integrators to create cost effective solutions.

The XPM is a powerful data processing building block meaning there is no limit to the number of printheads that can be supported by a single computer.

Industry standard Gigabit Ethernet connectivity allows off-the-shelf switches and network cards to be used to reliably network XPMs together and enhance performance from the external PC. The proven hardware and software package used with the XPM ensures optimal printhead operation, reduces time-to-market and minimises the costs involved with developing industrial printers.

  • 4 or 8 GB of high speed on-board memory for storage of both large and multiple images
  • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity supports fast image downloads
  • Multiple XPMs can be easily and reliably networked together using off-the-shelf Ethernet switches
  • Multi-core processor removes processing bottlenecks to allow a single computer to control printers with hundreds of Xaar printheads

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