Xaar 1201

Key benefits

  • Best-in-class print quality: the Xaar 1201 delivers a high print quality superior to other printheads in its class. 8 grey levels at 600 npi give an apparent resolution of better than 1440 dpi.
  • Highly versatile: the Xaar 1201 can be configured to print 4 colours at 300 npi or 1 or 2 colours at 600 npi depending on the price-point and end user profile that OEMs wish to target. It jets solvent-based, UV and aqueous inks. This means that it can be used to print a range of substrates including photo paper, vinyl, canvas and textiles.
  • Easy to integrate: the Xaar 1201 delivers simple integration for manufacturers looking for a flexible, small 4 colour, yet affordable printhead for a low cost wide-format graphics or textiles printer.
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High print quality, highly versatile and easy to integrate

The Xaar 1201 is a Thin Film Piezo Silicon MEMS technology printhead for printing wide-format graphics (WFG) and textiles with dye sublimation, eco-solvent, UV or aqueous inks. It has 1280 nozzles arranged in 4 rows printing either 1 or 2 colours at 600 dpi or 4 colours at 300 dpi native resolution.

The Xaar 1201 offers a unique combination of high print quality and productivity, combined with a compact and versatile 4 colour design, making it ideal for manufacturers looking to develop entry-level or mid-range multi-pass printers. The printhead is easy to integrate; therefore time-to-market is minimised.

Xaar has partnered with a wide range of ink manufacturers to develop high quality aqueous, eco-solvent and UV inks compatible with the Xaar 1201. This proven versatility of the printhead broadens the choice of substrates for printing.

Worldwide technical support is provided to all of Xaar’s customers by our team of highly skilled Field Applications Engineers who deliver a professional and highly supportive service. Our team has extensive knowledge of inkjet and its application for the print sector, as well as considerable field experience. Therefore the team can deliver valuable support in the successful design, build, commissioning and post-installation of all Xaar-based inkjet systems.

  • Graphics on canvas, vinyl, paper, foam board, rigid laminate
  • Textiles
  • Outdoor and indoor signage
  • Point-of-sale displays

Other Applications:
This printhead family can also be used to print fluids used in the Advanced Manufacturing and 3D market sectors. The piezo inkjet technology used in these printheads is capable of printing fluids with a range of viscosity, reactivity and conductivity. Xaar can support you in choosing the right printhead for the fluid type and for the application vs. the performance specification and price.

Physical attributes

Xaar 1201

Print swathe width

27 mm


1, 2 or 4

Drop velocity

7 m/s

Printhead weight (dry)

95 g

Drop volume*

2.5 pL

Maximum firing frequency*

50 kHz

Active nozzles


Number of rows


Nozzle pitch (interleaved)

42.3 µm

Nozzle density (NPI)

600 npi

Ink type

Aqueous, UV or eco-solvent

Number of grey levels*

up to 8

Dimensions (DxWxH)

52.7 x 45 x 76.2 mm

* Ink and application dependent