Xaar XUSB Drive Electronics

Key benefits

  • Driving success: the Xaar XUSB DE system, which is fully CE certified, offers customers peace of mind and an easy path to developing inkjet applications for new and existing market.
  • Flexible and cost-effective: the compact and modular system, which is ideal for machine designs where space is at a premium, is capable of driving up to eight printheads. With minimal software development, up to 12 XUSB boxes can be integrated and controlled by a single computer to support up to a maximum of 96 printheads (depending upon type).
  • Versatility: designed to promote versatility, the XUSB DE system is easily adapted to meet complex printhead layout architectures, enabling the integrator to develop a printhead configuration that best meets their needs.
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High performance printhead data management

The Xaar XUSB Drive Electronics (DE) provides a flexible, cost-effective, easy-to-integrate solution designed to drive Xaar’s complete range of market leading printheads. The XUSB DE minimises the cost and resources issues faced by OEMs and inkjet innovators when developing bespoke printers, and thereby drastically reduces time-to-market.

Ideal for use as part of a developer kit or fully integrated into production printers for emerging industrial applications, the compact and robust electronics component can be controlled via a standard PC or laptop to enable quick and easy integration. 


Industry standard USB 2.0 connectivity ports allows off-the-shelf switches and network cards to be used to reliably network XUSBs together and enhance performance from the external PC. The proven hardware and software package used with the XUSB ensures optimal printhead operation, reduces time-to-market and minimises the costs involved with developing industrial printers.

  • 512 MB of high speed on-board memory per Xaar XUSB
  • Capable of driving up to eight printheads via a USB 2.0 port on a PC or laptop
  • 12 Xaar XUSBs can be linked together to control up to 96 Xaar printheads
  • Supports uni and bi-directional scanning and single pass print modes.

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