Xaar Head Personality Card 6

Key benefits

  • The Xaar Head Personality Card 6 (Xaar HPC6) is a proven solution which significantly reduces costs and risks faced by OEMs developing bespoke printing systems and reduces time-to-market.
  • The slimline Xaar HPC6 is extremely mechanically robust and reliable. The Molex connector ensures precise alignment with the Xaar printhead and the inherent locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnection.​
  • The Xaar HPC6 is part of Xaar’s range of systems components, which includes the Xaar Print Manager (XPM) and Xaar's Ink Supply Systems.
Download Xaar HPC6 product brief

The slimline Xaar Head Personality Card 6 (Xaar HPC6) provides optimal and dependable data communication between a Xaar Nitrox or Xaar 1003 printhead and the remainder of the digital inkjet print management chain.

The Xaar HPC6 is designed to:

  • Pass timing commands for print triggering to all variants of the Xaar Nitrox and Xaar 1003 printheads.
  • Convert the print data received over the XSPI High Speed Link to the format required for the Xaar Nitrox or Xaar 1003 printheads. The High Speed Link maintains low latency and reduces jitter.
  • Provide control signals and voltage supplies to the Xaar Nitrox or Xaar 1003 printheads. This ensures the correct power sequencing.
  • Provide feedback from the printhead and Xaar HPC6 to the XPM.

The XSPI cabling and interconnect are electrically compatible with the IEEE 1394 specification and is a cost effective solution.

The Power Supply Control block maintains sixteen (16) independently controllable power supplies for the drive channels embedded within the printhead, enabling voltage trimming in blocks of 64 nozzles for uniform drop volume and velocity.

  • The narrow form factor (width) allows for flexibility in the design of the print bar. The Xaar HPC6 can be located directly above the printhead and accessed via the printhead aperture which means that maintenance is easy.
  • A bi-coloured diagnostic LED provides an immediate indication of system, print and power status.
  • The on-board temperature sensor can be used to ensure that the Xaar HPC6 is maintained within the recommended operating parameters.
  • The Xaar HPC6 connects directly to the Xaar XPM and XUSB drive electronics via the Xaar Serial Printhead Interface (XSPI). An external 39V power supply is required to power the Xaar HPC6. The power supply (part number XR00013558) available from Xaar can power up to eight (8) Xaar HPC6’s. Further details of the Xaar HPC6 power supply cabling can be found on the Xaar Support community.