Inkjet Development System

Key benefits

  • Drive electronics and ink systems designed for production
  • Proven, de-risked solution with full on-site support
  • Reference design source code
  • Scalability to production which reduces time-to-market.


Download Xaar Inkjet Development datasheet
Reduced time-to-market and rapid production ready solution

Xaar’s Inkjet Development System is a kit with all the inkjet components necessary to build a prototype or evaluation process. Inkjet development can be complex, involving the interaction of many physical, chemical, mechanical, electrical and software parameters. 


By providing all the components necessary for a fully-functional system, as well as drive electronics and an ink supply system designed for real world use, Xaar’s Inkjet Development System lets developers create an inkjet solution that can be scaled to production without needing to redesign critical components.


  • Xaar 1003 or Xaar 2001+ printheads, typically 1 or 4. Different drop sizes are available, depending on the application requirements.
  • Xaar Printhead Manager (XPM) or Xaar XUSB drive electronics to drive the printheads.
  • Xaar Head Personality Cards provide optimal and dependable data communication between the printhead and the remainder of the digital inkjet print data path.
  • Xaar Hydra or Xaar Midas Ink Supply Systems to recirculate the ink to control nozzle pressure, ink flow rate and temperature.
  • PC application software to configure the data stream and integrate with ‘upstream’ software and source code.

Not included

  • A mechanical transportation system to move the substrate or printhead in relation to each other
  • Rotary or linear encoder signals for data synchronisation
  • Product detect signal for print start
  • A PC to run the supplied software
  • A curing lamp and inks/fluids
  • Upstream software (BMP output) including colour correction, image formatting.

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