Xaar hosts leading technology businesses at manufacturing flexibility workshop

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19 June 2019

Xaar hosted members of the NMI including Diodes, Ultra CEMS, SPTS Technologies and Newport Wafer Fab at its workshop on ‘Learning and Development for Manufacturing Flexibility’ at Xaar’s Huntingdon site on 18th June. The interactive session highlighted the importance of focusing on people in the overall process, with discussion groups working to define key learning points for the implementation of Manufacturing Flexibility initiatives.

NMI champions the role of its member companies in the UK electronics sector, facilitating knowledge exchange. Member workshops are key to the role and as part of this programme Xaar shared its experiences from the processes and changes made in its progression from a single product site to manufacturing a variety of different products.

As a world-leader in industrial inkjet printing, Xaar recognised that in order to grow its business it needed to find ways to broaden its portfolio of products and as a result compete in previously untapped markets. The workshop reviewed the concepts traditionally discussed within Manufacturing Flexibility and asked attendees to work together on the challenge of ensuring people have the skills to adapt according to the constantly changing business needs.

Leader of the workshop and Continuous Improvement Manager at Xaar, Mark Lamb said, “As a business, developing our Manufacturing Flexibility was fundamental to building our ability to deal with an increasing number of new product variants and enhancing the way people worked. Our workshop has hopefully helped participants define what Manufacturing Flexibility really means, and through our collaboration today, create a collection of ideas and strategies that each organisation can take back for potential progression.”

Chris Bennett, NMI’s Director of Manufacturing Services added, “The strength of NMI is its membership and today’s workshop held by Xaar was truly indicative of this. Everyone attending was able to learn about a more holistic approach to Manufacturing Flexibility and share their ideas and strategies as part of a wider group.

“I would like to thank Xaar for hosting this invaluable day of learning and look forward to hearing how our members take this information back to their organisations as part of their own development.”

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