Xaar 1201 printhead delivers speed & precision for new Pixeljet printer

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05 April 2019

The versatility and performance of the Xaar 1201 printhead is ensuring that the latest Pixeljet printer from Monotech Systems is delivering the speed and precision for graphics and wide-format media printing.

Launched at India’s leading trade exhibition on indoor and outdoor advertising and signage solutions, Media Expo 2019 in Mumbai, the Pixeljet miniRTR 6 printer, equipped with Xaar 1201 printheads, can handle a broad scope of flexible media for indoor and outdoor applications.

This new printer is available in six colour and four colour plus white varnish versions, with the latter having the capability to print white in different modes. This improves the opacity of the printed material as well as increasing colour contrast and readability. The Pixeljet miniRTR has been designed for customers who are wanting to move from eco-solvent printing to UV printing and provides stability, high precision and speed within an entry-level solution, supported by the Xaar 1201 printhead.

The Xaar 1201’s Thin Film Piezo Silicon MEMS technology is capable of jetting a range of relevant fluids (EcoSolvent, UV-curable and Aqueous) for wide-format graphics (WFG), direct-to-garment (DTG) and textile applications. With its 1280 nozzles and capability to produce print with an apparent resolution of over 1440 dpi, the Xaar 1201 delivers simple integration for manufacturers looking for a flexible, small four colour, yet affordable printhead for a low cost WFG or textiles printer.

“We chose the Xaar 1201 because a single printhead can support four colours at high speed and has the lowest drop size compared to its competitors,” comments Managing Director of Monotech Systems, Mr T P Jain. “The simple and stable cleaning function makes it easier to maintain than other available printheads and unlike the competition, the Xaar 1201 is only available through direct channels which gives our team the confidence to promote our Xaar 1201-based printers.”   

“Overall we are very impressed with the Xaar 1201 printhead as it delivers reliable, cost effective and exceptional quality print to our Pixeljet miniRTR 6 printer customers.”

Monotech Systems is one of India's leading manufacturers and solution providers for the printing and packaging industry. Established in 1999, the company is known for delivering innovations to the Indian market and has pioneered the introduction of modern equipment and systems to the industry.

“With its high print quality, robust and industrial design together with the ability to jet a range of relevant fluids, the Xaar 1201 is the ideal printhead for manufacturers looking for a cost-effective solution within the WFG and textiles sectors,” concludes Gary Jenno, Senior Product Manager at Xaar.

“We are delighted to see the Xaar 1201 technology deliver for Monotech Systems with the successful launch of their new Pixeljet miniRTR 6 printer.”

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