Kingstar chooses Xaar 1003 for its first digital printing systems

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12 November 2018

The Xaar 1003 printhead, incorporating Xaar’s unique TF Technology ink recirculation has been selected by Kingstar to develop its first digital printing systems for a range of applications to meet customer demand. Three new printers were launched to the public for the first time at All in Print 2018 held in Shanghai.

The three new machines at the show were iCON C60 for colour printing bottle caps, iCUeJet 370, which is a UV spot-varnish printer, and PreSto 370S which is used to print variable data in a single colour. The Xaar 1003 printhead was chosen because it is robust and reliable, and delivers a high print quality. For example iCON C60 can colour print over 1,000 bottle caps per minute.

The Xaar 1003 prints a 360 dpi resolution  – 360 x 360 dpi at up to 50 m/min line speed, with 4 grey levels. With its unique TF Technology ink recirculation, the printhead delivers a high standard of print quality and reliability and is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications.

“The final products printed using the Xaar 1003 are very impressive. Our team has developed a unique ink supply system to optimise the performance of the machines and the printhead, and to ensure the highest print speed and print quality of the machines,” comments  the Deputy General Manager Mr Xu at Kingstar, “The printhead’s high quality and reliability have provided us more business opportunities because it performs well in several industrial applications. It has also helped us to meet the high demands of our customers.”

“The Xaar 1003 is the perfect printhead for printing high quality images reliably, even in harsh environments. It has a range of proven technologies, including Xaar’s unrivalled TF Technology for ink recirculation, and is trusted and used in a huge number of different print applications all over the world,” comments Gary Jenno, Senior Product Manager at Xaar. 

About the Xaar 1003

Peace of mind with continuous, reliable printing Multiple technologies unique to Xaar ensure continuous and reliable printing in single-pass operation, maximising production output, minimising production interruptions and reducing the need for operator intervention:

  • Xaar’s TF Technology ink recirculation – continuous ink flow at a high rate directly past the back of the nozzles; air bubbles and unwanted particles are carried away so the press does not have to be stopped for printhead maintenance
  • XaarGuard provides mechanical protection to the nozzle plate
  • Xaar’s Tuned Actuator Manufacturing ensures that print quality is uniform across all printheads in a print bar, and at different greyscale levels
  • The Xaar 1003 also offers High Laydown (HL) Technology which enables very high levels of UV varnish, ideal for tactile effects on packaging and labels. This makes possible exciting new print effects which significantly enhance shelf appeal and ensure products stand out when on display.

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