Xaar’s High Performance and High Laydown Technologies to drive business growth for tile manufacturers

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31 May 2017

At this year’s Ceramics China show (1-4 June, Guangzhou, China), Xaar showcases a number of exciting developments for the ceramic tile market which reinforce Xaar’s position as the market-leading printhead technology company. Visitors to the show will see the commercial launches of decoration machines with the Xaar 2001+ GS40C; Xaar announces a new High Laydown Technology which is the most advanced technology for tile effects available. Also launching is Xaar’s exclusive Premier Partner programme and a two-year extended warranty on printheads sold in tile printers bought at the Ceramics China show*.  In addition, the company’s display of products will once again underline how its wide portfolio offers the most comprehensive, flexible and future-proof solution, whether tile manufacturers wish to invest in a new decoration machine or extend the life of their current machines.

High performance and production flexibility

The Xaar 2001+ printhead family, on show at the Xaar stand (Hall 1.2 Stand F202), offers tile manufacturers looking to invest in a new machine the opportunity to improve production output, thereby speeding up return on investment. The comprehensive feature set of the Xaar 2001+ printhead family is the key. With its 2000 nozzles, high line speed, high laydown and high resolution, the Xaar 2001+ printhead family delivers the best all-round performance on the market for both colour decoration and effects. It is capable of print speeds of up to 50 m/min at a resolution of 360 x 360 dpi, high laydown of up to 80 g/m2, and high resolution of 720 x 720 dpi at 25 m/min line speed. With this printhead family, colour decoration at 30, 35, 40 or even 50 m/min is possible.

The Xaar 2001+ offers the most production flexibility to tile manufacturers, meaning they can easily keep up with changing design trends now and in the future. Decoration machines with the Xaar 2001+ can be configured to meet exact requirements. The Xaar 2001+ GS6C is ideal for producing the fine detail colour decoration required for wall tiles. The Xaar 2001+ GS12C provides a balance between printing details and obtaining more laydown, and is therefore ideal for colour decoration of floor tiles.

In addition, and unique to the Xaar 2001+ family, decoration printers can be configured in single or dual colour mode, giving a range of print options. Single colour mode can be used for printing primary colours and effects, whilst dual colour mode can be used for printing secondary colours. Alternatively, it is possible to specify a decoration machine using a combination of printheads working in single and dual colour mode.

Visitors to Ceramics China 2017 can see the Xaar 2001+ GS12C on the following company stands:  EFI Cretaprint (Hall 1.2 Stand F101); Hope (Hall 1.2 Stand F109); KERAjet  (Hall 3.2 Stand K320) ; New King Time (Hall 4.1 Stand D317); TecnoFerrari (Hall 3.2 Stand K305).

The Xaar 2001+ GS40C for special effects

The first commercial showing of the high performance Xaar 2001+ GS40C printhead takes place at Ceramics China 2017. This printhead is capable of a laydown far higher than other printheads, and beats the competition when it comes to creating special effects such as matt, gloss, lustre, reactive inks (such as sinker, fondant and carving), adhesives and metallics. Visitors to the KERAjet booth (Hall 3.2 Stand 320), Hope (1.2 Stand F109) and New King Time (Hall 4.1 Stand D317) can see machines which run these highly productive printheads. SITI B&T (Hall 3.2 Stand K203) will be taking visitors to an off-site demo facility which will include the Xaar 2001+ GS40C.
Announced at Tecnargilla 2016 as part of Xaar’s new high-end family of ceramics printheads, the Xaar 2001+ GS40C features 2000 nozzles each producing a drop size of up to 160 pL.  Thanks to this powerful combination, it is capable of delivering very high laydown – for example, up to 80 g/m2 at a line speed of 25 m/min, and up to 60 g/m2 at a line speed of 35 m/min.

“To achieve their full effect, new decoration inks such as lustres and adhesives require high laydown levels of 60 g/m2 or more”, comments Gerard Winn, Senior Product Manager at Xaar. “The Xaar 2001+ GS40C responds to this need. In addition, when installed alongside the other variants, the GS6C or GS12C, tile manufacturers benefit from a very high performance system that is capable of delivering excellent print quality for colours, plus a full range of decoration effects”.
High Laydown Technology

Announced today, Xaar’s new patented High Laydown (HL) Technology, which is compatible with Xaar 2001+ and 1003 printheads, allows customers to achieve extremely high laydown levels with ceramics effects, so that effects can be printed at even higher line speeds.  For example, at a line speed of 35 m/min, the Xaar 2001+ can achieve up to 180 g/m2 and the Xaar 1003 can achieve up to 90 g/m2 – levels unmatched by competition. High Laydown Technology will be exclusively available from Xaar via its Premier Partner OEMs.

“High Laydown Technology offers a number of significant benefits to tile manufacturers, particularly when combined with such a high performance printhead as the Xaar 2001+”, says Gerard Winn. “The new technology further increases the flexibility of the Xaar ceramics portfolio and ensures that tile printers using Xaar printheads are future-proof and can respond to changes in design trends in the coming years”.

A new Premier Partner programme for OEMs

At the Ceramics China show, Xaar unveils a new Premier Partner programme offering significant benefits and value to the ceramics market.

Premier Partner OEMs are Xaar’s strategic partners with access to new unique and advanced technology as well as future products and services such as Xaar’s open Waveform Programme (to be announced early June) which enables customised waveforms for specific applications and quick time-to-market, as well as facilitating new market entry.   

Hope and New King Time are the first Premier Partners to be announced in China
Extend the life of your existing printer by upgrading

Also on display on the Xaar stand at Ceramics China will be the Xaar 1003 family of printheads (GS6C, GS12C and GS40C), ideal for those looking for production improvements without the need to invest in a new decoration machine. With significant technology improvements over its predecessors, and delivering the best print quality on the market, upgrading to the Xaar 1003 will extend the life of tile printers populated with Xaar 1002 or Xaar 1001 printheads. Furthermore, upgrading delivers additional business benefits - the upgrade will pay for itself in less than three months by way of improved productivity and the Xaar 1003 is compatible with High Laydown Technology.

To find out more about how Xaar’s high performance and High Laydown Technology can help you grow your business visit the Xaar booth at Ceramics China 2017 (Hall 1.2  Stand F202), visithttp://ceramics.xaar.com/products/, emailceramics@xaar.com or sign up to our WeChat channel.

*Terms and conditions apply. For more information please visitceramics.xaar.com/2yearwarranty

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