Xaar launches new printhead to ensure graphics customers remain at the leading edge of print performance

Categories: Events, Graphics
02 July 2014

​​​​​Today, world-leading inkjet technology specialist Xaar is proud to launch the Xaar 501 GS8, a high-performance graphics printhead delivering exceptional print quality, industrial-level reliability and high production up-time. The new printhead incorporates PrecisionPlus™, a brand new architecture from Xaar designed to enable indoor and outdoor signage printers to remain at the leading edge of print performance.  In addition, the Xaar 501 combines PrecisionPlus™ architecture with the option of Xaar's unique TF Technology™ to deliver exceptional reliability, even in the harshest environments.   OEMs and print service providers taking up this new printhead can therefore set themselves apart from their competitors.

The Xaar 501, the first in a family of printheads to incorporate Xaar's PrecisionPlus™, is the result of considerable investment in R&D over recent years. This new printhead can print in binary mode at up to 1440 dpi with an 8 pL drop size or with 4 grey levels at 360 dpi to deliver high productivity with an effective resolution of over 600 dpi. It is compatible with a range of solvent and UV inks.

PrecisionPlus™ raises the bar in print performance
This new architecture, which builds on Xaar's highly-successful Hybrid Side Shooter™ design, optimises actuator performance to deliver unprecedented drop velocity, drop volume and drop placement profiles for consistent colour across the print swathe. This results in outstanding print quality with smooth tints, gradations and excellent edge definition. 

OEMs can choose TF Technology™ for unparalleled reliability
Industrial levels of reliability are achieved using Xaar's unrivalled TF Technology™, which has driven customer demand for the world-leading Xaar 1002.   TF Technology™ reduces sedimentation when using heavily pigmented inks such as white, extends maintenance cycles and improves reliability.

As an option in the Xaar 501, TF Technology™ combined with PrecisionPlus™ is available in two modes – Pulsed mode and High Flow mode.  TF Technology™ in High Flow mode ensures continuous ink flow at a high rate directly past the back of the printhead nozzles during drop ejection. This carries away any air bubbles or unwanted particles in the fluid and radically improves production reliability. Alternatively, TF Technology™ in the new Pulsed mode recirculates ink during non-printing periods only. This ensures that the key reliability benefits of TF Technology™ can be delivered to customers with minimum cost and complexity.  With TF Technology™, value-added effects such as printing on transparent or coloured substrates with white ink or adding varnishes are made easy using the Xaar 501. For those not requiring TF Technology™, the Xaar 501 operates with standard wide-format graphics ink supply systems.

Flexible and easy integration
The accurate mounting features on the Xaar 501 enable multiple printheads to be rapidly mounted together with minimal adjustment. Industry standard permanent ink connections and simple ink priming ensures that integration to inks systems is clean and easy.

The versatile Xaar 501 gives manufacturers considerable freedom to tailor their printer designs.  A choice of ink supply options (vacuum controlled and Xaar TF Technology™ in new Pulsed or High Flow modes) allows OEMs to pick the best solution to fit their application.

"The graphics sector is an important part of our business. The launch of our innovative new architecture, PrecisionPlus™, and the Xaar 501 as the first in a range of printheads, ensures our customers remain at the leading edge of print performance," says Richard Barham, Sales & Marketing Director, Xaar. "The Xaar 501 combines new and proven technologies to deliver superb quality, industrial performance and flexibility – all very cost-effectively – to give manufacturers and their end users a significant competitive edge."

The Xaar 501 will be shown for the first time worldwide at Shanghai International Ad & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition (Hall W3, Booth 109, 3-6th July).