Categories: Advanced Manufacturing, Printheads

Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity jetting capability is proving instrumental in enabling German-based adhesives specialist DELO to successfully jet materials with viscosities up to 250 mPa.s at room temperature, offering benefits for many industries including consumer and automotive optical applications.

Most inkjet printheads are capable of jetting materials with viscosities with a range of 10-25 mPa.s (10-25 cP). Thanks to Xaar’s unique TF Technology, DELO’s advanced optical fluids which have significantly higher viscosities can now be successfully jetted. In this application, fluids with a viscosity of 250 mPa.s at room temperature are heated to 43°C, reducing the viscosity to 63.5 mPa.s and enabling them to be effectively ejected with Xaar’s printheads.


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