Understanding Xaar

The digital inkjet opportunity

Xaar, a world leader in industrial inkjet, has successfully developed dig​ital. technology and manufactured and sold inkjet products predominantly printheads, into a number of sectors. The printhead is the heart of the digital process, depositing fluids, including inks and coatings, in precisely the right quantity and in the right place on the substrate, without even touching the surface.

To date Xaar has driven, and benefited from, ‘waves of conversion’ in two particular applications: outdoor advertising (including billboards, posters and banners) and ceramic tile decoration, which have both adopted digital inkjet technology. Xaar's challenge is to expand its existing digital inkjet printhead technology into new markets and to develop new technology to maximise the opportunity that exists from the conversion of much larger applications to digital inkjet.

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Understanding Xaar

Most things that we come into contact with on a daily basis are patterned, decorated, printed or surface finished in some way; the packaging and labels on products in our supermarkets; the boxes containing everything we buy; the tiles and laminate flooring in our homes and offices; the signage and advertising in our shops, malls and airports.

The vast majority of this printing, patterning and decoration is still produced using traditional analogue techniques. However, doing things the old fashioned way does not facilitate a fast enough response to the modern economic requirements – such as rapid design alterations or on-demand production.


Our business at a glance

Xaar is a world leader in the development of inkjet technology and a manufacturer of piezoelectric drop-on-demand industrial inkjet printheads, the key component in a digital printing system. Unlike analogue printing, digital printing requires no physical master image to copy from, and hence enables economic short run, or variable data, printing. The printhead is the device which converts the electronic image data into the physical image on the substrate. To achieve this, Xaar technology is a combination of high speed mixed signal electronics, micro-mechanics, and fluid dynamics.

Our flagship printhead is the Xaar 1003, but our full range includes numerous other printheads. A typical industrial inkjet machine could be firing up to 300 million drops of ink per second – that’s over 1 trillion drops per hour, all controlled within the picolitre range of volume and the micron range of placement accuracy (a picolitre is a millionth of a millionth of a litre, and a micron is a millionth of a metre).


Xaar history

Based in Cambridge, UK, and with manufacturing facilities in the UK and Sweden, Xaar is a leading player in the digital inkjet market. The Company has continued to innovate since it was established in 1990.


A world leader in the development of inkjet technology and manufacture of piezoelectric drop-on-demand industrial inkjet printhead.


Developing a sustainable business

Social responsibility

Xaar strongly believes that corporate responsibility is integral to business success. We are compliant with all relevant regulation and legislation whilst enhancing the working environment for our employees and minimising the environmental impact of our manufacturing process. There is internal reporting of key metrics throughout the business, and each member of staff is expected to take individual responsibility for their performance and to work together to achieve shared goals.


Xaar has a manufacturing site in Huntingdon, UK, R&D and head office functions in Cambridge, UK and sales offices worldwide. Xaar is committed to minimising its impact on the environment through the reduction of waste and by operating its facilities as efficiently as possible. Production material scrap, waste levels and energy usage are all monitored regularly. Our printhead technology improves process efficiency and reduces wastage in our end markets.

​Staff engagement

The success of our business depends on our people so we recruit only the best. We offer competitive salary and benefits packages as well as share incentive plans and our employees benefit from extensive training and development opportunities.