Inks and Fluids

Xaar inks and fluids overview

To enable Xaar customers (OEMs and end users) to select the ink or fluid that best suits their application and business needs, Xaar evaluates and approves the widest range of inks and fluids of any printhead manufacturer.

Xaar works in partnership with leading ink manufacturers to develop and approve the widest range of compatible inks specifically matched to its printheads. These collaborations deliver a comprehensive range of high performance inks optimised for use in a broad range of applications which underpins excellent print quality, print performance and overall printer performance.

We are also at the forefront of developing inkjet as an advanced manufacturing process. This is a challenging area and we work closely with specialist partners to develop fluids that achieve a balance between functionality and jetability, whilst meeting the reliability levels expected in a high-tech industrial environment.

All Xaar-approved inks go through the XaarDOT fluid optimisation process, offering the following

XaarDOT: a new analytical technique which determines the complex rheological characteristics of a fluid. Potential reasons for poor performance are identified and reformulation guidance provided, delivering improved print performance and printer operation

Materials compatibility and lifetime testing: Materials ​compatibility testing evaluates the effect of the fluid on the printhead construction materials and of the printhead materials on the fluid. Lifetime testing establishes the robustness of the fluid with the printhead/waveform combinations. The combination of these tests validates the long-term compatibility of the fluid with the printhead

Waveform optimisation: A waveform and temperature compensation algorithm is developed where required for the fluid/printhead combination, ensuring greater drop placement accuracy, optimised operating ​voltage, print reliability and increased throughput

Reliability testing: simulates the performance of a fluid and printhead using the optimised waveform/temperature compensation algorithm. This technique verifies the consistency and reliability of the fluid over a period of one year of heavy usage

Warranty: ​Xaar-approved inks are warranted against long term damage to the printhead. This provides the reassurance that the fluid has been validated, approved and optimised to give unrivalled print performance and trouble free operation. The warranty differentiates XaarDOT optimised fluids from other non-warranted fluids

The XaarDOT fluid optimisation service helps our partners to design and develop a fluid range for specific applications and services. It consists of XaarDOT, Materials Compatibility/Lifetime Testing, Waveform Optimisation, R​eliability Testing and Warranty.

The service delivers a range of benefits including reducing the time and cost required to develop fluids for developers and improved time to market for printer manufacturers. Our customers benefit from ​a guaranteed long printhead life for XaarDOT fluid and the knowledge that the fluid has bee​n optimised, for a given application, to give unrivalled print performance and trouble free operation.

In addition to the portfolio of approved inks, Xaar also works closely with customers and ink manufacturers to formulate bespoke ink and specialist fluid solutions to meet the exact requirements of a diverse range of applications and markets.