The increased industry-wide drive for even greater sustainability and recyclability across all sectors has uncovered new advantages from the use of digital inkjet technology. As more and more brands today are looking at their environmental impact, the opportunities driven by industrial inkjet are coming even further to the fore. Nowhere is this more so than in packaging. Here ...

The recent excellent article in the highly respected Packaging World, recognising the latest advances in digital print, is testament to the continued growth in the use of inkjet technology in an ever wider range of sectors. Here we can see how Juno DTS is using the Xaar 1003 printhead in an exciting new application and truly showcasing a world where you can print anything you ...

More and more industries are looking to maximise the potential of inkjet and take advantage of this extremely versatile, non-contact technology to either replace traditional production methods or deliver new applications. Yet while enabling a multitude of new uses, as a technology, inkjet can seem daunting to the uninitiated. Whether you’re updating an existing process, devel ...

With Xaar’s unique TF Technology, whatever the job, you know you’ll get the best performance from your printheads. But sometimes, in exceptional situations, external factors and challenging applications (such as printing ceramic tiles) can create abnormally harsh operational environments for inkjet printing. This is where Sure Flow, our new ultrasonic self-cleaning printhead mode, can help deliver continuous in-line performance for the very best printhead productivity.

So, you’ve found a simple-to-install, ready-to-go Xaar printhead. But what use is a fast start if you can’t stay the course?

Instant start up. It’s easily said and claimed, and yet for many items in our lives do they really deliver on this promise?

Since the launch of the Xaar 1001 printhead in 2007 featuring TF Technology, it has been possible to reliably jet highly-pigmented, viscous inks, opening up exciting new applications – ceramic tile printing, for example – to digital inkjet print. So why does Xaar’s TF Technology ink recirculation not only significantly outperform other manufacturers ink “recirculation” methods, but also provides the lowest cost of ownership – we’ve listed out four reasons below.

We live in an increasingly complex and fast paced world with more and more demands on our lives – both at home and work. It is no wonder therefore that at times many of us feel the pressures of life. The good news is that we are all however becoming much better at talking about our general health, particularly our mental health, recognising the need to think more about our wellbeing in its widest sense.

In Valencia at Cevisama 2019, the dominant trend for ceramic tile decoration was a neutral palette of earth tones ranging from beiges and greys to dark granites. Three main categories of tile design were evident at the show: marble, concrete and wood grain. The design trends seen at Cevisama are all consistent with the Xaar 2001+ printhead’s capability for exceptional ceramic tile decoration.

Cersaie, which takes place in Bologna each September, is the place where anyone connected to selling ceramic tiles goes to see the latest tile design trends – what will be hot for the coming year?